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Top 5 Interior Design Trends Revealed at Salone Del Mobile 2024

Top 5 Interior Design Trends: We can describe Salone del Mobile 2024 as a beacon of inspiration for the interior design community, offering a glimpse of the latest trends shaping the sector. As we navigate an ever-changing world, these interior design trends remind us of the importance of innovation and creativity in defining the future of interior design. The future is filled with great expectations, stemming from the contemplation of the various projects represented in the showcases of iSaloni.

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Top 5 Interior Design Trends: iSaloni

Quiet Luxury

Top 5 Interior Design Trends

The term “quiet luxury” or “old money”, evokes a sense of understated opulence that exudes sophistication without ostentation. Interior designers are veering toward subtle indulgence, embracing the old money ethos. This trend involves a return to classic, timeless design elements such as ornate woodwork, antique furnishings, and rich, deep color palettes. These spaces exude an air of heritage and timeless elegance, allowing for a sophisticated blend of the old and new.


Algerone Bookcase


Inspired by architectural elements, the imposing Algerone Bookcase adds a touch of modern glamor to any space, while offering the refinement of timeless complements.

Global Fusion


Global fusion design celebrates diversity and the beauty of cross-cultural influences by drawing inspiration from cultures all over the world. Expect to see a stunning tapestry of textures, patterns, and artifacts from around the world. It’s all about creating an eclectic, well-traveled ambiance that tells the story of your global travels.


Liberty Slim Snooker Suspension

Liberty Slim Snooker Suspension by LUXXU LIghting

The Liberty Slim Snooker Suspension will add sublime elegance to any project, with a sophisticated presence that will never go unnoticed.

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Cushier Comfort


The plush upholstery revolution represents a shift towards a more indulgent and sensory approach to interior design. As we seek solace and comfort in our homes, plush upholstery is emerging as a key player in creating environments that go beyond mere functionality. The trend for sumptuous upholstery underlines the importance of creating spaces that prioritize physical and emotional well-being. LUXXU‘s new Talie upholstery collection bucks this trend for functionality and comfort.


Talie Round Sofa


Upholstered in Monet Pearl fabric, the Talie Round Sofa embodies the majestic aura of modern style with its rounded corners, soft edges, and distinctive details.

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Old Hollywood Charm


The charm of old Hollywood, reminiscent of the golden age of cinema, is making a comeback in interior design. Think golden details and the glamorous Hollywood Regency style. This trend blends vintage Hollywood elegance with modern sensibilities, creating spaces that exude sophistication, drama, and an undeniable allure.


Waterfall II Big Wall


Waterfall II Big Wall is the perfect piece to add luxury to any interior with its elegance and personality.

The Power of Green


The power of green has returned to interior design trends. The color of hope creates a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in the space. The use of natural decor not only makes interiors more inviting and airy but also promotes general well-being and mental health.


Empire Console

Empire Console by LUXXU Home

The Empire Console has a sturdy column and a curved Carrara marble top, which gives it a majestic and timeless feel.

The latest interior design trends at Salone Del Mobile are on the LUXXU stand. Come and explore the most exquisite environments created to elevate your space.

Pavilion 15, Stand – G25-G27 l H26-H28

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