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The Tycho Collection: Unveiling a Constellation of Luxury

The Tycho Collection: Unveiling a Constellation of Luxury – Step into a realm where lighting transforms into a celestial spectacle, elevating the ambiance of your living spaces to unprecedented heights. The LUXXU Blog proudly presents the Tycho Collection, an ode to the extraordinary planetarium, built in Copenhagen, that defies convention. This luminary collection encapsulates the essence of luxury and sophistication, offering a diverse array of lighting solutions that cater to every facet of your interior design needs.

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Tycho Collection - Discover A Constelltion of Luxury

The Tycho Collection

Unveiling a Constellation of Luxury

Stunning Tycho Collection by LUXXU Lighting

Command Attention with Tycho Chandelier and Floor Lamp

Tycho Chandelier and Tycho Foor Lamp by Luxxu Lighting

The Tycho Chandelier, a masterpiece inspired by the world’s most unusual planetarium, is a layered ensemble of high-quality brass rings and crystal glass tubes. Highly decorative and elegant, it seamlessly integrates into modern lounges and dining areas, setting the stage for an opulent atmosphere.

Tycho Chandelier

Tycho Chandelier by LUXXU Lighting

Completing the collection, the Tycho Floor Lamp introduces refreshing elegance, featuring ribbed crystals that create unique light refraction for a charming and exquisite ambiance.

Tycho Floor Lamp

Tycho Floor Lamp by LUXXU Lighting

Elegance in Suspension: Tycho Round and Rectangular

Tycho Round Suspension Lamp by LUXXU Lighting

The Tycho Round Suspension Lamp, with its ribbed crystal glass cylinders and gold-plated brass ring, combines unique artistry with the power of reflection. Perfect for modern lounges or dining areas, it creates a highly decorative ambiance.

Tycho Round Suspension Lamp

Tycho Round Suspension by LUXXU Lighting

Meanwhile, the Tycho Rectangular Suspension Lamp draws inspiration from water reflections, making it an ideal choice for dining rooms, billiard rooms, and offices.

Tycho Rectangular Suspension Lamp

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Exuberant Elegance in Pendant Form

The Tycho Pendant Lamp, an exquisite and contemporary lighting item, captivates with its crystal glass held in place by a lustrous gold-plated brass ring. It infuses spaces with exuberant elegance, making a bold statement in any interior setting.

Tycho Pendant Lamp

Tycho Pendand by LUXXU Lighting

For a sleeker version, LUXXU has developed the Tycho XS Small Pendant, which can be used isolated or in amazing juxtapositions, creating differentiated and layered ambiances.

Tycho XS Small Pendant

Tycho XS Small Pendant by LUXXU Lighting

Sophisticated Wall Illumination

From the Tycho Wall Lamp and Tycho II Wall Lamp to its small and slimmer versions, each piece is crafted with precision using gold-plated brass and crystal glass. Inspired by the unusual planetarium, these wall lamps add a modern touch, creating an elegant interior style that can be used individually or in combination with other elements.

Tycho Wall Lamp

Tycho Wall Lamp by LUXXU Lighting

Tycho Torch Wall Lamp: Elegance in Small Spaces

The Tycho Torch Wall Lamp, and its smaller version, effortlessly blend elegance and charm, making it ideal for intimate spaces in both modern and classic interiors. Ribbed crystal glass tubes and gold-plated brass add sophistication, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression.

Tycho Torch Small Wall Lamp

Tycho Torch Small Lamp by LUXXU Lighting

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Illuminate Your Lifestyle - A Symphony In Light

Table Presence

Tycho Table Lamp by LUXXU Lighting

The Tycho Table Lamp, a cosmopolitan piece inspired by the Tycho Planetarium, marries brass and crystal glass to convey timeless harmony in any modern ambiance.

Tycho Table Lamp

Tycho Table Lamp by LUXXU Lighting

LUXXU’s Tycho Collection is more than lighting; it’s a celestial symphony that enhances the allure of luxury interiors. Whether you are a homeowner seeking sophistication or a professional designer aiming to elevate your projects, these pieces are the perfect assets to illuminate and transform your spaces into works of art.

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