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The Pharo Collection – A Design Beacon With A Luxurious Shine

The Pharo Collection – A Design Beacon With A Luxurious Shine => Every collection has a characteristic essence and seeks to provide a different type of inspiration. Luxxu has done a fabulous job in gathering ideas and concepts from the most various places to enhance and grow its interior design selection. In this article, Luxxu Blog brings yet another presentation of another iconic family that gives the brand a luxurious appeal and gives our clients some awe-inspiring designs.

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The Original Pharo Collection

Pharo Chandelier

Pharo chandelier in opulent dining room

The Pharo Chandelier stands as the main attraction of this wonderful collection, inspired by the mighty and robust structure of lighthouses, this piece will be the center of attention in any ambiance and its immensely bright essence will take everyone´s breath away at a mere glimpse.

Get The Look – The New Pharos

Pharo Small Wall

Meet The Imponent Collection of Pharo Suspensions

Pharo Suspension

Pharo suspension in los angeles bedroom

The high-quality illumination of a smaller setting such as an office or bedroom can be achieved with a singular piece of the Pharo family. From the most spacious to more narrow rooms, Luxxu´s Pharo Suspension will provide exquisiteness and glam with a strong sense of identity that comes attached to this gorgeous suspension.

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Pharo Snooker Suspension

Pharo snooker suspension in a miami game room

Looking for the perfect lighting solution for your entertainment room? Look no further than Luxxu´s Pharo Snooker Suspension, this masterpiece was created to be implemented in any leisure space with striking beauty and a distinctive style that cannot go unnoticed.

Opulence Of The Pharo Collection

Pharo Wall

Pharo wall in opulent lobby

A sense of richness with a dash of distinctiveness. This is exactly what you will get with the Pharo Wall Lamp, made of gold plated brass and crystal glass this piece captivates any interior design aficionado and spreads style throughout any ambiance.

Pharo II Wall

Pharo II Wall in the entrance of a miami dining room

Following the footsteps of its predecessor, the Pharo II Wall Lamp keeps its natural elegance and adds subliminal details to its design in order to differentiate itself. All the shine and exquisiteness this lamp oozes in every atmosphere simply can´t be denied, as this was one of the pieces selected to integrate the interior design selection of Luxxu´s luxurious property in Miami.

Get The Look – The New Pharos

Pharo II Small Wall

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The Exquisite Pendant Lines

Pharo Pendant


The refined subtlety of this collection is most evident in its stunning pendants. As we can observe, the Pharo Pendant showcases the full splendor embodied in its lines and create an awe-inspiring aesthetic perfect for any bar or kitchen design.

Pharo Small Pendant

Pharo small pendant in a miami bar

Keeping the same luxury in a smaller size, the Pharo Small Pendant reduced structure achieves a terrific versatility that provides incredible functionality with a more discrete dimension. This home bar design was gifted with this lovely creation and gained a fabulous spark because of it.

Get The Look – The New Pharos

Pharo III Small Wall

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A Ground Level Dazzle

Pharo Floor

Pharo floor in minimalist contemporary ambiance

A down-to-earth creation, with a luxurious design that goes beyond your imagination. This is what characterizes the Pharo Floor Lamp, the adaptability of its shape paired with the tremendous quality lighting it provides makes this piece the perfect solution for a variety of environments such as this gorgeous reading corner design.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

Pharo Table Lamp

Pharo Table lamp on a black nightstand

The optimal way to top off this collection and your interior design. With the geometrical and modern design of the Pharo Table Lamp, your décor will gain a brand-new dimension that gives any room an exclusive and luxurious look. Ideal for an attractive bedroom design, the manner in which this lamp blends seamlessly with other modern pieces will leave you speechless.

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Get The Look – The New Pharos

Pharo III Table Lamp

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