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Suspension Lighting – A Hymn To Luxury And Suspended Excellence

Suspension Lighting – A Hymn To Luxury And Suspended ExcellenceSuspension lighting stands as a category of illumination pieces where you can get as creative as you desire. Unlike chandeliers, suspension pieces can assume different types of dimensions and styles where you can go with more subtle or imponent options depending on how you want to décor your home.

In today’s article, Luxxu Blog brings you some of the best ambiances with fabulous suspension lighting ideas with some of the brand’s most luxurious creations. Ready to be dazzled by luxury lighting?

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Suspension Lighting

A Modern And Charmful Approach

Suspension Lighting with the empire II suspension

A living room is definitely one of the parts of any household that demands high-quality lighting and where multiple styles of illumination may be exquisitely combined. As this Luxxu living room shows us, a neutral-colored room filled with mesmerizing shades and dark and gold décor pieces but also eye-catching art.

Such a luxurious living room deserves an iconic suspension lighting piece in order to showcase all the wonderful furniture and when we speak of iconic, the Empire family is one of Luxxu’s first families that comes to mind, and for this ambiance the Empire II Suspension, a glamorous and extravagant crystal lamp that is the ultimate blend of classic and modern design. 

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A Transcedent Element For The Whole Room

Suspension Lighting with a waterfall reactangular suspension

Some spaces possess such grandeur dimensions that they can afford to incorporate more than one area of the house in just one location. This room is so imponent that it simultaneously but harmoniously blends both a dining and living area.

Suspension Lighting in living room with thomson sofa

In order to fill a delightful space like this one with uniqueness and elegance the Waterfall Rectangular Suspension lighting, made with gold plated brass merged with crystal glass tubes provides the natural sensation of waterfalls to any area.

Are you surprised that everything sparkles under this elegant work of art?

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Thomson Sofa

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Adaptable And Versatile Suspensions Are A Must Have

Suspension Lighting in a hotel lobby with liberty slim suspensions

The more adaptable a piece can be, the more value it will possess, after all, the ability to implement the same piece in different atmospheres is a true sign of luxury and opulence as you can make anything look beautiful without even trying.

Suspension Lighting in a deluxe moscow apartment

As we can observe in both of these ambiances, Luxxu’s Liberty Slim Suspension light is one of the most versatile suspensions you will ever behold. Taking into account that we are showcasing the gorgeousness of this piece in a hospitality décor from Luxxu’s Opulent Hotel in Sydney and the brand’s deluxe residential décor in a Moscow apartment.

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The Uniqueness Of A Snooker Suspension Lighting

Suspension Lighting in an entertainment room in miami

As the name implies, these fantastic pieces were initially meant to be wonderfully integrated atop a snooker or billiard table; its aesthetic appeal stems from the long shape that precisely lines up with this piece of furniture that is typical of every entertainment area.

Walking inside Luxxu’s multi-million dollar Miami project will introduce you to its gaming area and, within it, the Pharo Snooker Suspension, a stunning suspension light constructed of high-quality cristal glass that brilliantly dazzles this environment while remaining true to its original function.

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Pharo Suspension

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