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7 Stunning Kitchen Lighting Ideas

7 Stunning Kitchen Lighting Ideas 01

A stylish kitchen needs two things: a great color scheme and great lighting. See below 7 kitchen lighting ideas and feel inspired.

Pendant lamps offer the perfect amount of charm to a kitchen. If you’re looking for a subtle touch that can add great character to this room of the house opt for some stylish lamps that fit your kitchen’s style!

We have a few suggestions to make this room as stylish as possible without taking up too much space, which is especially precious when we’re talking about kitchens.

7 Stunning Kitchen Lighting Ideas 02

A mid-century modern kitchen needs matching lights! Globe lamps are always a great choice when looking for something that’s simple but not too common.

7 Stunning Kitchen Lighting Ideas 03

Even the most traditional kitchens can have modern pendant lights. Hung above the island these ones create a great contrast between traditional and modern.

7 Stunning Kitchen Lighting Ideas 04

This stunning and modern kitchen was perfectly complimented with these simple lamps above the island and a more elaborate one above the breakfast nook.

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7 Stunning Kitchen Lighting Ideas 05

Speaking of simple lamps, check how beautiful this white kitchen looks with a subtle gold touch. We absolutely love the look!

7 Stunning Kitchen Lighting Ideas 06

This gorgeous modern kitchen has a great balance of color. The lighting, black on the outside and gold on the inside, is a match made in heaven.

7 Stunning Kitchen Lighting Ideas 07

If striking lamps are more your thing, our Draycott Pendant might just be the perfect choice!  It looks great in every color scheme, but especially with blacks and whites.

7 Stunning Kitchen Lighting Ideas 08

For the ultimate luxury design, place some gold pendant lights above a black kitchen island and just like that, your kitchen becomes the most stylish place of your home.

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