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Rita Chraibi International Designers: A Global Force in Luxury Interiors

Rita Chraibi International Designers: A Global Force in Luxury Interiors – With a rich family history in real estate development and a passion for architecture, Rita Chraibi has carved a niche in the interior design industry, earning accolades and recognition worldwide. In this article, the LUXXU Blog explores the expertise, notable projects, and major contributions of Rita Chraibi International Designers to the luxury interior design realm and how it seamlessly aligns with the opulent world of LUXXU.

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Rita Chraibi International Designers

A Global Force in Luxury Interiors

© Rita Chraibi | International Designers

Expertise and International Presence

© Rita Chraibi | International Designers | Private Residence Palm Island | Miami Beach

Founded in 2013 by Rita Chraibi, International Designers has emerged as a global force in luxury interior design. With offices strategically located in Paris, New York, Miami, and Casablanca, the agency epitomizes the fusion of French “Art de Vivre” and design expertise. Rita’s commitment to creating an international team of top-tier interior designers is evident in their collaboration with prestigious fashion brands, focusing on crafting exquisite private residences, residential buildings, branded residences, and hospitality projects.


Algerone Set II Center Table and Senzu Small Sofa

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A Legacy of Artistic Vision

Rita Chraibi’s journey is rooted in a family history deeply entwined with real estate development. Following in her grandmother’s footsteps after graduating from Ecole Camondo School in Paris, Rita launched her own agency, embarking on a path that would lead to international recognition. Noteworthy projects, such as The Oberoi Hotel Marrakech, 2000 OCEAN, Monad Terrace, and Lyautey Square, have solidified her status as a luminary in the field.

© Rita Chraibi | International Designers | Ligne Roset Residence | Manhattan

The Oberoi Hotel Marrakech and Monad Terrace in Miami Beach stand as testaments to Rita Chraibi’s exceptional talent. Her ability to seamlessly integrate interior, exterior, and landscape architecture has garnered her prestigious awards, including the Muse Design Awards, SBID Awards, and the A’Design Award & Competition. Rita’s vision extends to high-profile residences, such as the $35M waterfront property on Palm Island, where she brings haute couture high-fashion elements into the realm of interior design.


Nura Dining Chair and Babel Snooker Suspension

Collaboration with Luxury Brands

© Rita Chraibi | International Designers | Louis Vuitton Residence | Manhattan 

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Rita Chraibi was chosen by Louis Vuitton to design Residence 42 at 111W 57th, also known as Steinway Tower, a supertall residential skyscraper in Manhattan developed by JDS Development. This marked a historic moment for Louis Vuitton, showcasing its furniture collection within a real estate project. Rita’s ability to seamlessly integrate luxury fashion into interior spaces reflects her innovative and forward-thinking approach.

Rita Chraibi’s dedication to creating unique universes and telling new stories through her projects aligns seamlessly with the ethos of LUXXU. Both entities share a commitment to modern sophistication, elegance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Rita’s ability to transform spaces into works of art resonates with LUXXU’s vision of crafting luxury lighting and furniture that elevate interior design to an art form.


Darian Gold Mirror and Mayer Side Table

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From prestigious residences to collaborations with renowned fashion brands, Rita Chraibi International Designers agency has left an indelible mark on the industry. As we navigate the tapestry of luxury design, Rita Chraibi’s dedication to turning dreams into reality is a perfect match to the principles and values of LUXXU.

Rita Chraibi International Designers agency work can be found in the most exclusive locations, all around the world. If you appreciate projects that speak the language of luxury interiors, browse through LUXXU Blog and discover other interior design marvels. For more news, inspirations, and other interior design ideas, check out PinterestFacebook, and Instagram.