A Refreshing Take on Luxury Sofas: Anguis Sofa

A Refreshing Take on Luxury Sofas Anguis Sofa 01

LUXXU Home has a new sofa that will change everything you know about luxury sofas! Keep reading to find out more about this exclusive design!

Reminiscent of its peculiar shape and distinct characteristic the name Anguis, in Latin, means snake, serpent or dragon. Adaptable and strong as the animals it’s named after, this modular sofa is the refreshment this summer needs!

Creating a unique and custom-made sofa can make all the difference in a living room space, giving it personality, uniqueness and a distinctive character. The Anguis Sofa, with its various modules, allows the creation of unique designs unlike any others, it’s a way of having a piece that no else has, without going through the trouble of designing it. It’s fully customizable, from the modules to the color of the leather.

A Refreshing Take on Luxury Sofas Anguis Sofa 02

The Anguis, just like a snake, can take many shapes. As an adaptable upholstery item made of modules it can be combined to better suit the needs of any interior design project, aiding in the creation of the most exclusive and exquisite designs!

A Refreshing Take on Luxury Sofas Anguis Sofa 03

Made of high-quality materials, the modules that come together to create the sofa are handmade, which ensures high levels of strength and durability. Luxury finishes give the final touch of refinement that only the best luxury furniture has.A Refreshing Take on Luxury Sofas Anguis Sofa 04

Designed with a timeless aesthetic, the Anguis is adaptable to the majority of interior design styles, from the more masculine setups to the full glam living rooms.A Refreshing Take on Luxury Sofas Anguis Sofa 05

Although it’s presented as a sofa, it can take a variety of profiles, from an armchair to a daybed or chaise longue, as the modules give the opportunity to create according to preference, without losing any comfort or luxury in the process. The many options this piece offers allows the creation of THAT piece that will suit any interior design needs.

A piece that embodies the philosophy of LUXXU Home and all the luxury furniture brand wants to present to the design world.