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The power of lighting: incredible environments created by LUXXU

The power of lighting Feature

The light has an incredible impact on the human subconscious being able to transmit joy and calm or fear and anxiety. In interior design, lighting is no longer merely incidental and becomes an integral part of a set of experience creation tools. Luxxu creates its pieces with the aim of total immersion of spaces in grandeur, luxury and glamor. Here are some of the best Luxxu environments.

Luxxu Suspension Lamps

Empire Snooker

The power of lighting Empire Snooker

Created with glass and brass and finished with gold plated, this magnificent piece is capable of giving a luxurious and glamorous look to any space. This chandelier is a true jewelry for your decoration, creating a sophisticated and unique atmosphere.

Empire Suspension (Round)

The power of Empire Suspension

One of our main gold is our Empire Chandelier, inspired in the stunning architectural building, the Empire State Building. Its masterpiece is an extravagant shape full of modernity capable to transform every space in a stunning scenario. This is a natural decor piece that creates an exclusive atmosphere.

Empire Wall

The power of Empire Wall

This is a natural decor piece that creates an exclusive atmosphere and it will fit perfectly in any space of your home. The Empire wall gets its inspiration on Empire State Building that’s why this creation is so powerful and capable to transform every space in a stunning scenario

Trump Chandelier

The power of Trump Chandelier

Trump Hotel was the inspiration of this elegant piece, made stylishly in classic contemporary design. The design of this sconce was sculptured by the motives of the exterior windows in gold of this Iconic building. Trump promises to sparkle everything! Built in brass and sublime tears of crystal glass, is perfect for a refined living room.

Waterfall Pendant

The power of Waterfall Pendant

Everything sparkles under this elegant pendant lamp. This master piece made with gold plated brass combined with ribbed fine tubes of crystal glass brings a natural feeling of waterfalls to any space. The glamorous sensation of water in the tubes is handcraft made by glass master craftmen.

Waterfall Wall

The power of Waterfall Wall.

This creation represents a natural sensation of waterfalls. An elegant and modern piece made of gold plated brass and handmade crystal glass tubes.

Boca do Lobo Lamps

LUXXU offers a lot of different options so you can choose the best one for each environment. What do you think about this selection? Leave your comments below and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


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