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Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

Plafond Lighting: The 6 Pieces You Don't Want To Miss

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You A big part of an impressive design comes from details. Details like the lighting, for example. The right lighting fixture can change the whole atmosphere in a room, it can be classic, bold or even dramatic. What you choose, you get so, choose wisely and for that, in today’s article Luxxu’s Blog will show the plafond lighting pieces you don’t want to miss! Ready?

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Majestic Plafond

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

As the name says, Majestic Plafond is really a majestic piece that will exhale romance. This modern design plafond is the perfect piece for those who don’t want to go for a dramatic piece yet want to make a bold statement with their home decor.

Brushed Dayton by Luxdeco

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

This beautiful piece is an amazing addition to your home decor with its sleek and textured contrasts and ready to illumite your kitchen or living room.

Naicca by Brabbu

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

The inspiration behind the stunning Naicca is the allure of Mexico’s Giant Crystal Cave. This plafond lighting piece will brighten any home decor, filling the room with a strong yet peaceful atmosphere.

Melange Small by Kelly Wearstler

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

Melange came to introduce raw yet refined elegance to any space. This piece will light up the place but also create a perfect atmosphere.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu

Cristol by Aerin

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

Finished in a choice of hand-rubbed antique brass or pristine polished nickel, the Cristol exudes effortless elegance and an aged appeal thanks to the white strie glass.

Empire Square Plafond

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

Meet our beautiful and bold Empire Square Plafond, the piece that will make a twist in your design project or home decor. Produced with the best materials and the finest handmade techniques and ready to create a glaring and sublime design

Stella by Mitzi

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

Create an iconic interior with the simple and sophisticated Stella, supported by a metal frame that handsomely holds three spherical white glass shades, this piece promises to add the right amount of luxury to any space.

Horus by Brabbu

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

Just like the God of the sky and the rising sun, Horus Plafond Lamp promises to be a reference in modern interior design and just for this photo, you could tell that’s true, right?

Charisma by Corbett Lighting

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

Charisma is a piece full of personality and ready to fill any space with a special touch. Give any bedroom that hint of drama by mounting this ceiling light to the centre of your design scheme.

Waterfall Sputnik Plafond

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

Waterfall Sputnik Plafond is the perfect lighting fixture for those seeking to create an atmosphere that will stand out from all the rest! A piece made with gold-plated brass and a series of ribbed crystal tubes which allows you to upgrade your design leaving it more luxurious than ever, agreed?

Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte

Pink Bryce by Kate Spade

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

Celebrate the classicism with Pink Bryce, a stunning and feminine piece for the home.

Quincy by Visual Comfort

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

As clear as icicles hanging from a pine tree, this gorgeous acrylic construction makes for a vibrant addition to your space. With a round canopy it will be an eye-catching feature in any room.

McQueen Plafond

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

McQueen has a really strong inspiration, the amazing Alexander McQueen.This peculiar and unique plafond combines the most luxurious design with exquisite handmade materials, this gold plated, hammered brass and amber Swarovski crystal piece evokes a dramatic and feminine sensation of beauty. For those who want a detailed piece with a powerful character, this is the one for you!

Hicks by Thomas O’Brien

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

Add this delicate yet classic piece to your entryway or cloakroom for a hit of welcoming light.

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Scala Plafond

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

Scala was designed with the desire to make any environment alive! A luxurious way to add light to a room, combining the modern and classical design.

Romanov by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

Ornate and exquisite, the details on this Romanov Flush Mount light have to be seen to be believed. Embodying all the charm of a flower, the piece offers a flurry of petals that curve upwards towards the ceiling and bring a dose of ethereal beauty to your home. 

Sparta by Hudson Valley Lighting

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

Reminiscent of javelins piercing the atmosphere, this eye-catching light fixture was made for interiors looking to stand out. Ready for both modern and classic spaces, it’ll bring textural interest as well as a focal point for your scheme.

Empire Plafond

Plafond Lighting That Will Amaze You

Finishing with the breathtaking Empire Plafond and its sublime design. A piece that works in every space and absolutely steals the show with its glamorous shape, gold plate finishes, and crystal tubes. What are you waiting for to upgrade your designs with this beauty?

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