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Perkins and Will Dubai – History, Culture and Modernity Combined

Perkins and Will Dubai – History, Culture and Modernity Combined – Since 2010, Perkins and Will has been working to make dreams come true in Dubai, much as Dubai prides itself on being a location where dreams come true. The firm is committed to contributing to the city’s rich artistic and cultural life by combining history, culture, and modernity in their work. Are you ready to see here, on LUXXU Blog, some initiatives that will change your life?

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Perkins and Will Dubai - History, Culture and Modernity Combined

Get Ready To Fall In Love With Some Of These Designs By Perkins and Will


Perkins and Will Dubai - History, Culture and Modernity Combined

At a new academic medical center campus, medical students and researchers are studying advances in medicine and patient care, creating an oasis in the desert for the education of future healthcare professionals. A fencing and shading scheme protects an inner liner of peace and openness with a verdant, contemplative world of courtyards and gardens, according to the site’s faculties. The users of the buildings have a sense of calm as they go about their days with views via the large expanses of glass.


Perkins and Will Dubai - History, Culture and Modernity Combined

From the moment a patient arrives to the time they leave, the 100-bed hospital is constructed with the patient’s experience in mind. Three minutes of contact with Nature has been demonstrated in studies to greatly reduce tension, worry, and dread. Multiple green spaces were included because they have been shown to reduce hospital stays. A roof garden is one of these locations, which is open to the public, patients, and staff. Patients are treated to views of nature and the skyline from each room, which improves exposure to natural light and, as a result, generates relaxation. The design promotes multidisciplinary education by focusing on circulation within and between all interconnected faculties, research buildings, and the nearby hospital.


Perkins and Will Dubai - History, Culture and Modernity Combined

Adidas’ new office and showroom space has to embody the office of the future, with features like increased productivity, improved communication, a focus on employee health and well-being, and the ability to forecast future headcounts. The client sought Perkins and Will to create a place that embodied ambition, performance, innovation, technology, sustainability, and teamwork. The office had to be more than just a place to work; it had to be a community. As a result, they set out to develop a place where people can improve their performance, play better, feel better, break records, set trends, and make history on a daily basis and around the world.

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What Do You Think Of Perkins And Will So Far?


Perkins and Will Dubai - History, Culture and Modernity Combined

Perkins and Will’s The Nora Bint Abdulrahman University project’s academic faculties employ innovation as a means of giving back and influencing society. In one of the world’s most socioeconomically and politically complex locations, this translates into a vision of community, sustainability, and creative learning settings. The culture, architectural legacy, and geographical climate of Saudi Arabia provided a rich backdrop for the new university. Academic institutions achieve these requirements while also progressing in terms of instructional settings and building technologies. In order to gain a thorough grasp of the project context, the design team conducted an in-depth investigation of the site, program, and area culture. This notion of context as “place” motivated an architectural response to the region’s architectural heritage, materials, and proportions, as well as creative learning spaces for a changing society.


Perkins and Will Dubai - History, Culture and Modernity Combined

Perkins and Will set out to create a space that would make transit easier for the general public while also expressing the culture of the area. The first airport was constructed more than 40 years ago. The company was charged with renovating Terminal 4, which had been vacant for years. Terminal 4 was a blank canvas at the airport’s far end, and it serves as a model for what the airport could become as part of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 goal. They were able to picture a Saudi Arabia 10-20 years from now, when more people and companies are expected, and how the project may be a part of defining that future, with the overarching goal of expansion in mind.


Perkins and Will Dubai - History, Culture and Modernity Combined

The luxury suites are designed for the guest experience while also honoring the cultural privacy requirement as they provide seclusion and wonderful vistas. Perkins and Will designed spaces that provide visitors the flexibility to wander and discover hidden treasures from a bygone era, rest in a spa, appreciate poetry while dining finely, or gather with other guests in an open-air amphitheater. All of the rooms are designed to provide seamless transitions from architecture to nature. Families engage with nature and are free to explore and experience Sharjah’s outstanding arts and culture.

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