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Pendant Lighting – The Luxxu Standard In Smaller Dimensions

Pendant Lighting – The Luxxu Standard In Smaller DimensionsPendant lighting is one of those types of illumination where you can afford to be bolder and try different design styles and arrangements.

Luxxu offers you many stunning collections within this category, and among these lines, you can find members of design families that have been elegantly resized into a smaller but also more charming aesthetic.

In today’s article Luxxu Blog is set to showcase these fabulous pieces just for you. Ready to be dazzled? Follow us and be endlessly inspired by luxurious lighting.

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Pendant Lighting – Luxury In Smaller Sizes

Pharo Small Pendant

Pendant Lighting in a miami bar by luxxu

The Pharo Small Pendant is a refined pendant made in crystal glass with a delicate appearance and a sturdy brass frame. It depicts the design and aesthetic of lighthouses breaking through the darkness. This is the smaller version of the luxurious Pharo Pendant but it keeps exactly the same flexibility and style as the original.

Empire Small Pendant

Pendant Lighting with the empire small pendant

Perhaps one of the most subtle members of the whole empire collection the Empire Small Pendant is a sophisticated pendant light created in high-quality materials such as brass and crystal glass, with an unobtrusive style that can complement any room, alone or in combination with other pieces to create a refined atmosphere.

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Empire Small Pendant

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Tycho XS Small

Pendant Lighting in a luxurious new york loft

The Tycho XS Pendant is an outstanding and contemporary lighting item with gorgeous minimal lines. For its architectural inspiration and reflection on the water, a single tube of Crystal glass is held by a gold brass ring, enabling this piece the ability to produce the most luxury settings. Ideal for usage in places that exude an air of opulence.

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Liberty Small Pendant lighting

Pendant Lighting in a parisian kitchen by luxxu

The sublime Liberty Small Pendant is inspired by the torch of the famous Statue of Liberty. This piece displays some truly elegant lines and a complicated and excellent combination of crystal glass and gold-plated brass, becoming not just a lighting source but also a beautiful artwork.

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Liberty Small Pendant

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