The Best From Paris Spring 2020 Fashion Week

Paris Spring 2020 Fashion Week happened in the last week of September and we had to share all the fantastic news with you!




Paris Fashion Week, along with New York, Milan and London fashion weeks, is one of the most awaited fashion events of the year. It’s where the most influential fashion houses showcase their lastest collection and showcase the trends for the season to come.

Paris Spring 2020 Fashion week happened in the last week of September and some of the most common themes on the catwalks were politics (yes you read that right!), and the future of the fashion industry.

Let’s take a look at some of the best collections at the major event.

Alexander McQueen


The Best From Paris Spring 2020 Fashion Week 01


Alexander McQueen’s legacy keeps being well represented by Sarah Burton, who designed a dreamy collection for the fashion house. This collection is not only great grom the fashion perspective but also from the sustainability point of view, which is something that the fashion industry still vastly lacks!




The Best From Paris Spring 2020 Fashion Week 02


Balenciaga presented a collection that takes everyone to the very beginning of the brand – with crinoline dresses and bouncy silhouettes. Demna Gvasali chose a recreation of the European Parliament to present this collection to the world.


Rick Owens


The Best From Paris Spring 2020 Fashion Week 03


Rick Owens brought into daylight a collection that looks like it belongs in a futuristic movie. Owen’s vision was a pointed criticism of the president of the USA, Donald Trump. His masterpiece was one of the most captivating collections of the week with the exaggerated silhouettes to the tabard skirts.




The Best From Paris Spring 2020 Fashion Week 04


Loewe collection was also a stand out in the Paris Fashion Week.  Romance and escapism are well present in their collections. Anderson’s vision for Loewe is that he wants the clothes he designs to be bought and worn. Design with high-quality and minimalist shapes are what the fashion house is going for next season.


Noir by Kei Ninomiya 


The Best From Paris Spring 2020 Fashion Week 05


Ninomiya said he was aiming for a reset this coming season. The designer wants to go grab the basics and create something new from there. The fashion house does not aim to be a reference, even though Ninomiya does have his codes and during the fashion show held at the Paris Spring 2020 Fashion Week this was very evident!

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