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Modern Classic – A Design Style Embraced By Luxxu

Modern Classic – A Design Style Embraced By Luxxu – The art of interior design contains a wide variety of shapes and styles and the manner in which many design approaches can be combined is simply endless and the Modern Classic beautifully surges as one of Luxxu’s favorite styles. The inspirations from the Victorian Era and Art Deco or Greek and Roman styles bring a dash of classic that contrasts seamlessly with Luxxu’s modern and innovative mindset.

In today’s article, Luxxu Blog brings you a showcase of fabulous environments where this stunning interior design style is set to dazzle you, with the help of Luxxu’s eye-catching pieces.

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A Fashionable Approach With Luxxu’s Essence

Modern Classic

The Modern Classic style may be applied in any space of a luxurious household, even the most discrete entryway, it can set the tone for the rest of the interior décor throughout the house and the number of influences that both the classic and modern dimension of this style possess will certainly be noticeable in every room.

This clean entryway by Luxxu offers us some prime qualities of the Modern Classic, for instance, the minimalistic touch allied to the presence of a trendy furniture piece such as the Apotheosis Console, and the subtle lighting provided by the Waterfall Pendant really give this area a more highlightable area.

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Modern Classic

Although the minimalistic dash is an essential side of the Modern Classic, this interior design style has yet another component that offers grandeur and class to any ambiance that is decorated according to this approach, the color palette. This style is characterized by a chromatic scheme where neutral tones reign with exquisiteness, every hue of black, beige, brown, silver, or even the grayest blue shades will naturally display the wonders of this style.

This bedroom design is a great example of the use of these attractive colors, the whiteness of the Waltz Nightstand, adorned with the uniqueness of PullCast’s hardware, is harmoniously contrasted with the dark blue of the Chateau Bed creating a simply great aesthetic.

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Draycott I Wall Lamp

Modern Classic

Due to these gorgeous neutral tones, the windows of a Modern Classic residence should be uncovered in order to provide the delight of sunshine to cleverly highlight all the luxury granted by the opulent design pieces.

The natural light in this glamorous living room really gives a precious outlook at the golden accents of the Empire Set III Center Table and as the night falls and the sunlight is gone the Shard Suspension will keep on illuminating this space fabulously.

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Modern Classic

There are little details you may add to a Modern Classic style that can refresh your space without compromising the minimalistic essence. Sublime moves such as the addition of vases or pieces of art are easily integrated into this approach and add new elements that can give the whole area a differentiating feel.

The inclusion of two Renaissance-inspired sculptures in this living room makes this area much more distinctive as they act as the perfect complement to Luxxu’s Saboteur Sofa and Orbis Rectangular Mirror.

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Saboteur Sofa

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