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Master Bedroom Design – A Perfect Aesthetic Creation By Luxxu

Master Bedroom Design – A Perfect Aesthetic Creation By Luxxu – A Deluxe apartment is unquestionably the greatest option for a beautiful master bedroom. Luxury is always a priority for Luxxu, and one of the brand’s most magnificent projects, this apartment in Moscow, has the stunning master bedroom that Luxxu Blog will highlight for you today.

Enjoy every beautiful detail of this paradise in the Third Rome, which may make anybody completely addicted to a lavish lifestyle.

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Marvel At The Sophisticated Aesthetic Of This Modern Space

Master Bedroom Design in moscow

This master bedroom suite features stone walls that highlight the splendor of veined marble. Furthermore, the sleeping area was outfitted with LUXXU’s traditional bedroom basics, such as the Château Bed, which has a huge headboard clothed in gray leather with brass embellishments but also the Tenor Ottoman, the perfect complement to give this bed area a more cosmopolitan essence.

The neutral color palette benefits greatly the aesthetics of this room, as the predominant beige tones offer a stunning contrast with the golden accents present in the bedside furniture in the form of a pair of iconic Empire Side Tables.

Master Bedroom Design with charla dresser

The furniture selection for this space stands out for so much more than the statement bed, as it is gifted with other types of iconic lines such as the one provided by the Charla collection in the form of the Charla Dresser, a stylish piece adorned with the exquisiteness of PullCast’s hardware.

Taking its place next to the dresser we have a little touch of luxury and something that is only seen in the most luxurious and glamorous places, the Waltz Valet Stand, although not fundamental, this piece conveys exquisiteness and demonstrates true richness in an elegant manner.

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Charla Dresser

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Master Bedroom Design with two charla single sofas

In addition to these opulent items, the other side of this bedroom presents you with a delightful reading corner where yet another Charla makes a grandeur appearance, the pairing of two Charla Single Sofas with soft olive green hues and the Darian II Side Table, the ultimate combo to enjoy a good book comfortably or simply admire one of the many fabulous pieces of art spread throughout the whole area.

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Darian II Side Table

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Master Bedroom Design with chateau bed

To top off this showcase, we of course must mention the incredible Luxxu lighting present in this ambiance. The selection regarding the illumination of this bedroom was certainly simple yet luxurious. The optimal solution found in a 2 set of Draycott Pendants was simply brilliant as they exude a contemporary style through their eye-catching gold-plated brass tubes and luxurious crystal glass.

Overall this bedroom is one of the more aesthetically pleasing rooms ever designed by the brand and deserving of the place where it’s located: the heart of the beautiful city of Moscow.

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