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Master Bedroom Design – A Luxurious Paradise In Miami You’ll Love

Master Bedroom Design – A Luxurious Paradise In Miami You’ll Love – Is a multi-million dollar property the place where you envision a luxurious master bedroom? For Luxxu that is certainly the case and among the brand’s most exquisite projects, one that surely stands out is the Miami master bedroom that Luxxu Blog will showcase for you today.

Enjoy every little bit of exquisiteness from this paradise in the vice city that can leave anyone truly addicted to a luxurious lifestyle.

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Master Bedroom Design

The Cleanest Bedroom You Will Ever Contemplate

Master Bedroom Design with charla xl bed

This room is large and well-appointed, featuring some of Luxxu‘s most iconic pieces as well as novelties. The prominence of the Charla collection, for example, is quite evident, from the luxurious Charla Ottoman and the statement Charla XL Bed that includes a big headboard to sophisticated nightstands with everlasting outlines.

Furthermore, the Charla Dresser offers a spectacular juxtaposition with the Vertigo Mirror, which comes in a set of three mesmerizing pieces.

In addition to this stunning furniture décor, the lighting solutions by Luxxu never disappoint as the Waterfall family is present in order to highlight every fixture of this room with the utmost elegance and uniqueness. The Waterfall Round Suspension offers beautiful illumination through every single crystal tube and gives this space a clean feel worthy of a sunny destination like Miami.

Master Bedroom Design with the empire dressing table

Although this suspension may provide the necessary lighting element to this room, that is not enough for Luxxu, the brand always goes above and beyond to give every ambiance an extra flair that can differentiate it from the rest. In addition to the suspension lamp, the Waterfall Pendant was chosen to bring a dimension of sublimeness in a subtle yet effective manner.

Surrounding the bed area you can find multiple works of art such as gorgeous abstract paintings and breathtaking sculptures accompanied by the Empire Dressing Table and Bench, the best pairing you can ever hope to find in the world of interior design.

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Charla Nightstand

Master Bedroom Design with galea armchair

As we move on around the room we can find the perfect lounge area just in front of the bed, containing a simple yet luxurious setup, starring Luxxu’s refined upholstery in the form of the Galea Armchair, where comfort and fabulous aesthetics merge together and the Empire Set I Center Table, one of the brand’s premium pieces as it is the case with every creation that is a part of the Empire line.

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A Luxurious Bedroom Indeed… But Also So Much More Than That

Master Bedroom Design with the apotheosis desk

The master part of a master bedroom design perceives that there is more to this room than a mere bedroom, and this space is guaranteed to be more than a simple place to rest and sleep.

Adjacent to the bed area there is a modern office where the lack of inspiration will not be an issue in any way, shape, or form. The main focus of this area obviously goes to where the work gets done, and luxury is not missing in this section as the Apotheosis Desk and the Charla Office Chair set the tone for the excellence in the decoration that dazzles this place.

The Apotheosis collection is present in this part of the room not only on the desk but also in the bookcase selection as a pair of Apotheosis Bookcases bring incredible functionality and storage space for all kinds of knowledge.

Just next to these features we may find an opulent area that can be used as a place to relax or as a grandeur reading corner, composed of the multifunctional Anguis Sofa and the Crackle Side Table, stupendous furnishings that counted with the Pharo Pendant for a powerful and distinctive flair.

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Apotheosis Desk

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Master Bedroom Design with athos mirror

Last but least, no master bedroom design is wholesome without a proper walk-in closet. Observe and select your best outfit to tour around The Gateway to the Americas in style with the imponent Athos Mirror and the Nubian Ottoman, 2 creations that you must have in a jubilant and modern dressing area.

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