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Luxury Office Furniture For Fall 2019

Luxury office Furniture For Fall 2019

Luxury office furniture is a great addition to your office for Fall 2019! Whether a home office, corporate office or study space, the design can make all the difference!




After a well-deserved vacation getting back to work is never easy. However, with these new stylish office furniture designs getting back to school or work will be very exciting! (If you’re still looking for ideas on where to go check our travel section.)

Perfect for all types of offices, both home and commercial and for both students and professionals, the designs are classic yet modern, and simples yet very glam! Thanks to all customization options in all of the furniture and lighting you can create the perfect item for your office.

Let’s find more about this new office furniture line!


Waltz Desk

Luxury Office Furniture For Fall 2019 01


The Waltz Desk is the ideal work surface for a stylish office! Functional and contemporary it’s a sleek desk for modern spaces that joins the best design and luxury materials. With its contrasting textures and five conveniently located drawers, it’s the perfect choice for offices, whether private or corporate.

It matches beautifully with the Charla Office Chair and is embellished with PullCast’s jewelry hardware!


Charla Office Chair

Luxury Office Furniture For Fall 2019 02


The elegant Charla comes in two sizes, the original and the smaller version. Designed with a special attention to the backrest’s ergonomic shape, these chairs were made to be comfortable for sitting for several hours, making it an ideal work chair. Made with the best materials and finishes, these chairs tie luxury and comfort together.

Available in several colors, it fits into all types of interior design projects, from colorful and stylish home offices to neutral and modern corporate offices.


Waltz Bookcase

Luxury Office Furniture For Fall 2019 03


The Waltz bookcase in a sophisticated storage solution for your office, it provides lots of storage – with shelf space, drawers and cubicles to keep clutter of out sight. A beautiful way to display collector items, books, office supplies or décor pieces, no office is complete without a bookcase like the Waltz. An ideal choice for modern and luxurious offices, that fits into all styles of interior design, thanks to its simple design lines.


And what about lighting?

Selecting the proper office lighting is a very important aspect when (re)decorating! Adequate lighting is very much needed for working and studying. Besides, lighting can go a long way and make all the difference in an interior design project, as it sets the tone for the entire room.

Table lamps are your best option when selecting a fixture for an office. Take a look at these two.

Pharo Table Lamp

Luxury Office Furniture For Fall 2019 05


Pharo table lamp is the ideal lighting solution for those who love accent pieces. Reminiscent of Summer and beach days, as it is inspired by the architecture of lighthouses, this table lamp features a marble base and crystal details to turn every office into a luxury space.


Waterfall Table Lamp

Luxury Office Furniture For Fall 2019 04


The Waterfall Table Lamp is perhaps a more glamorous and subtle choice. A unique table lamp that fits beautifully into any office space (and matches wonderfully with the rest of the luxury office furniture line). It combines a smooth marble base with tubular shapes of brass and crystal.


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