Top 5 Luxury Furniture Brands At iSaloni 2019

Top 5 Luxury Furniture Brands At iSaloni 2019 01

Like every year, the big international event has been full of luxury brands. You will now know the top 5 luxury furniture brands at iSaloni 2019.

iSaloni is especially known for exhibiting the most well-known and luxurious designers from around the world. It was a pleasure for LUXXU to have been part of this luxury roll in the world of interior design.

iSaloni is a place where you can find the beauty of interior design, but also where you can perceive what gave rise to some brands that are present here. At Salone del Mobile are, every year, present the most famous and luxurious furniture brands from around the world, and we are here to tell you which were our favourites.

Bentley Home

Top 5 Luxury Furniture Brands At iSaloni 2019 02

This year, Bentley Home has brought a collection of furniture that offers us a sense of comfort and freedom. The luxury brand is unique because of its never-before-seen details, given by the technology and passion that are simultaneously implemented when designing each piece. The limited edition of the domestic line, built to celebrate the centenary of Bentley Motors, honours exclusively the traditions of the British automotive house. It was created by the same designers of the cars, having only 100 units, each with the Bentley centenary logo. It never ceases to amaze us, really.

Luxxu Home

LUXXU is accustomed to characterizing exclusive and charming spaces, with contemporary and classic pieces, favouring harmony and balance. This year, with the new collection of outdoor furniture, for example, the concept of the brand has already widened, maintaining the luxury and simplicity. We hope you enjoyed our exhibition.


Top 5 Luxury Furniture Brands At iSaloni 2019 04

The image above shows one of the models of the new Baccarat collection, in partnership with Luxury Living Group, which was shown at the Salone del Mobile 2019. The well-known luxury companies have launched the Baccarat La Maison edition, which was once presented in Paris, and which was inspired by previous collections of Baccarat, offering furniture and accessories to the house in a timeless style.

Bugatti Home

Top 5 Luxury Furniture Brands At iSaloni 2019 05