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Luxury Christmas Design – The Most Exquisite Presents You Deserve

Luxury Christmas Design – The Most Exquisite Presents You Deserve – Christmas means celebration, comfort, and, above all, a moment of gathering and affection.

With winter and the nostalgic feeling of the season, one wants to transform the house into a magical kingdom of brightness and prosperity. To accomplish this, gold tones with glossy finishes are a must and soft materials, such as velvet, are privileged to improve comfort. To achieve maximum coziness the fireplace needs to be up and running.

On Christmas eve, the dining room is the place where people spend most of their time, so, a large dining table will become the central piece of the occasion. A neutral dark wood choice gives an elegant feel and the warmth of the velvet dining chair suits as a glove.

All of this, while enjoying the always nostalgic presence of the Christmas tree and its glimmering lights. Some Christmas icons are also welcome, and what’s the perfect option? A pair of nutcrackers, of course!

The best time of the year is knocking on the door and the nostalgic feeling of the season tells us to open and let the Christmas magic in!

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The Most Luxury Christmas Design Ever, By Luxxu

A Distinctive Dining Area

Luxury Christmas Design With Gala II Suspension

Gathering the family around the table for such a special event is probably the highlight of Christmas eve. Thinking of which, having a distinctive piece, like the Apotheosis dining table, is the first step for a wonderful feast.

With touches of golden brass on its handmade polished wood and Emperador marble top, this masterpiece is perfectly complemented with LUXXU’s Charla dining chairs. This upholstery design assures comfort and timeless elegance with noble materials such as leather, velvet, and brass.

Luxury Christmas Design With Apotheosis Dining Table

Closing the furniture selection is the powerful Darian sideboard as a symbol of shield and sphere protection. Made from brass and wood, it uses different specialties such as metalwork and wood carving. 

The family toast will be perfectly enlightened by the Gala II suspension, placed right in the middle of the table.

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Gala II Suspension

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Golden Colors and Glossy Finishes

Luxury Christmas Design With Charla Dining Chairs

Golden hues are part of LUXXU’s legacy and give color to a large number of products. For this reason, the brand has multiple solutions, both lighting, and furniture, for any interior design project, such as this one.

As an example, the Gala II suspension lamp is made of gold-plated brass and crystal glass, perpetuating a blend of emotions in a single piece. The Skyline wall lamp, beside the brass, embodies an Alabaster marble piece that peculiarly radiates light. Closing the lighting solutions for this project is a pair of custom Needle table lamps, blending with the Christmas candles.

Luxury Christmas Design With A Thor Center Table

Also shining in the setting are the Empire small side table and the Thor center table, both with a marble top matching the imponent fireplace.

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Are You Enjoying This Luxury Christmas Design?

Velvet and Soft Materials

Luxury Christmas Design With the Anguis Sofa

Christmas means family and comfort zone. Considering it, using soft materials in the upholstery pieces will make justice to the intention.

Colors like green, used in the Saboteur single sofas, evoke the holiday vibe, and the grey, from the bespoke Anguis sofa, makes a perfect balance and harmonizes all space. Some contrasting pillows provide the final touch with mastery.

With a fur rug and some snug blankets, the room is ready for the festivity.

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Anguis Sofa

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