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Luxury Bathroom Design – A Tribute To Luxurious Privacy By Luxxu

Luxury Bathroom Design – A Tribute To Luxurious Privacy By Luxxu – Bathroom design, often an overlooked part of the house but one that possesses tremendous potential. Although this room is not given the proper attention by many, Luxxu is one of those brands that must bring luxury and exquisiteness to every part of a modern household.

In today’s article, Luxxu Blog will give you a tour of one of the best luxury bathrooms you will ever behold, located in one of the brand’s premium projects in Mont Blanc.

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A Bathroom Design Like No Other

Luxury Bathroom Design in mont blanc

This space was conceived with the thought of being the perfect luxurious and modern retreat where you can have the utmost privacy and enjoy the ultimate alone time without having to bother with any kind of noise or distraction.

To bring a harmonious feel to this room, Luxxu blended the outdoor essence with the indoors, by bringing a stunning leaf coverage next to the bathtub, this bathroom was gifted with a much more appealing and trendy aesthetic with a differentiating natural fixture.

Luxury Bathroom Design with darian bathtub

Speaking of the bathtub, this is one of the main pieces of any bathroom design and the bathtub of this Montblanc bathroom is one of the most unique you will ever encounter, born out of a partnership between Luxxu and Maison Valentina the Darian Bathtub combines elegant bathroom hardware with a dash of the pleasing Darian style, merging together the best of what both of these luxurious brands have to offer.

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Luxury Bathroom Design with armour stool

As we contemplate this statement walk-in bathing area, a subtle yet superb extra touch of luxury design is given in the form of the Armour Stool, a lovely piece that acts as the perfect complimentary item to complete a one-of-a-kind bathing experience.

Moreover, the Waterfall XL Wall Lamp transmits the calming sensation of waterfalls through its crystal glass tubes, adding to the sense of relaxation that this place looks to pass on to you.

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Armour Stool

Luxury Bathroom Design with majestic suspension

You may observe the calm and foggy mountains of Mont Blanc as this bathroom is equipped with a sophisticated glass wall with a breathtaking landscape, be it both good or bad weather you can always make sure (especially in the nighttime) that this wall is always gorgeously illuminated by the Waterfall II Big Wall, another member of the Waterfall Collection that keeps the uniqueness and beauty of this space untainted.

Luxury Bathroom Design with darian center table

At the center of this luxurious bathroom, we can find the Darian Center Table, once again representing the Darian family with excellence, the design and dark color palette of this piece make it the perfect solution for a discrete space such as this one.

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Luxury Bathroom Design with noir stool

The last part of this bathroom design comes with the fabulous sink area where a pair of delightful Shield Oval Mirrors amazingly reflect all the design wonders this room has to offer and are beautifully accompanied by another pair of Darian Freestadings and a sublime Towel Rack.

Luxury Bathroom Design

To top off this area with grace and an awe-inspiring treasure, the Noir Stool was selected to add the graceful dimension to this space with a seductive discreteness while the eye-catching Majestic II Suspension highlighted this masterpiece of a room where every little bit of it is designed to be a sanctuary for you and you alone.

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Majestic II Suspension

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