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Living Room Inspirations by Joyce Wang Studio

Living Room Inspirations by Joyce Wang Studio Joyce Wang Studio is an interior design company present in Hong Kong and London, created by Joyce Wang that has her heart divided between these two cities, she even affirms that her home is “wherever my children and husband are”. In today’s article, we will show you some of the best living room ambiances from Joyce Wang and more!

Joyce Wang spaces are designed thinking about the people and the creation of ambiances where they can feel good and have fun in the depth of the trust provided by the space. The top interior designer performs on every type of project, but her preference is hospitality and commercial areas. She has worked on big hotel projects, like the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in London.

City by City

Joyce Wang Studio Inspirations


For The Perfect Living Room

Private Residence – Hong Kong

Joyce Wang Studio Inspirations To Elevate Your Living Room Interior Design
Image Courtesy of Joyce Wang

“The distinct South Side geography brought to mind my experience in Rio De Janeiro and the city’s close relationship with the sea and rolling hills. A common spirit between the environments that I was keen to communicate from a concept design.”

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Penthouse Suite, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park – London

Joyce Wang Studio Inspirations To Elevate Your Living Room Interior Design
Image Courtesy of Joyce Wang

From amazing restaurants to unique hotels designs, Joyce creates stunning and extraordinary spaces that make design-lovers stay impressed. Admitted as one of the best interior designers in the whole world, Joyce Wang Studio was founded in 2011 and focuses not only on luxury hospitality and residential contemporary interior designs but also on bespoke furniture with a unique design.

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Opulent Sydney Hotel


Joyce Wang Studio Inspirations To Elevate Your Living Room Interior Design
Image Courtesy of Joyce Wang

Joyce Wang Studio has unveiled the Mandarin Oriental Penthouse at the newly refurbished Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London. Reminiscent of a luxurious London apartment, with bespoke-designed furniture of unparalleled quality and finish.

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The Entertainment Suite – Hong KONG

Joyce Wang Studio Inspirations To Elevate Your Living Room Interior Design
Image Courtesy of Joyce Wang

Dedicated to extravagant entertaining, the hotel’s newest and largest suite measures an expansive 2,250 square feet, providing guests with the ultimate retreat for socializing or relaxing.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboBrabbuLuxxuEssential HomeDelightfullCaffe LatteCovet LightingRug SocietyMaison ValentinaCircuPullcast
Gold Toned Living Room by Boca do Lobo
Project by Boca do Lobo

Completely set apart by its gold-toned elements, this contemporary living room is an absolute head-turner, especially when paired with the metamorphosis console.

Boca do Lobo
Skyline hardware by PullCast

Timeless pieces are a must! Intemporal and classic pieces can be used all year and are trendy at the same time. The Skyline hardware pieces are an amazing example of timeless pieces that looks always good and exquisite in every living room.


Living Room Inspo

Lovely design by Lines Design featuring our unique Flow Door Pull! An amazing living room inspiration for your next interior design project.

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Monocles by PullCast

The Monocles cabinet knobs look stunning in this living room ambiance! Perfect for retro lovers cabinetry!

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