Living Room Design Ideas To Enhance Your Home Décor

Living Room Design Ideas To Enhance Your Home Décor  ⇒ A modern aesthetic living room yet comfortable and functional can be a hard-working project. Read more and get inspired by this living room design ideas.


Generally, the living room is where families gather and entertain the guests. It’s the best area to showcase your style. You can choose a maximalist, minimalist, bohemian style, or even have a statement piece to enhance your living room design. In this area, you can set the tone of all the home decoration.

High contrasts

Living room design
Designed by Holly A. Kopman, Living with Art Project. Courtesy of Holly A. Kopman Interior Design.

High contrast creates an impressive visual experience. This living room design pairs dark charcoal tiles with white furniture, and gold accents resulting in an attractive high contrast color scheme.

High-quality materials

The sofa is the main piece of any living room design and the most used furnishing. It sets the tone of the room. The Anguis Sofa is modular and adaptable, enhancing a luxurious style yet comfortable. Designed by Luxxu, the materials guarantee high levels of strength and durability, while the lacquered wood conveys a sense of refinement in the details.

Patterned wallpapers

Courtesy of House Beautiful. Photo credit to Tim Young.

Floral or geometric. Colorful or neutral. Patterned wallpapers can add a texture or color to your backdrop, giving a different personality to the living room design. This living room pairs beautifully a painterly floral wallpaper with a deep-blue velvet sofa, creating a colorful visual experience.

Statement lighting

living room design

Chandeliers can work as art pieces. The Burj Chandelier is inspired by one of the most stunning hotels in the world, the Burj Al Arab. Designed by Luxxu, this luxurious masterpiece has a strong, decorative structure, made of gold plated brass, with handmade glass tubes.


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Source: Ellen Decor, House Beautiful.