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Light up your home with Luxxu’s designs

LUXXU is a new lighting experience, a brand that provides a collection capable of making your projects come true, combined the classic forms with a modern attitude. It’s made with the finest selection of materials as brass, glass and Swarovski crystal combined with rare handwork techniques and contemporary design. Today we present you 5 lighting pieces by Luxxu that you will love!


lighting design

Draycott Tower was the reason to create the Draycott Pendant. Its structure has 3 tubes like the original inspiration made in brass and crystal glass. It transmits elegance and purity to every space. Because of its huge dimension, the reception or lobby areas can be a perfect space for this gorgeous masterpiece.

Empire XL

One of our main gold is our Empire XL Chandelier, inspired in the stunning architectural building, the Empire State Building. Its masterpiece is an extravagant shape full of modernity capable to transform every space in a stunning scenario. This is a natural decor piece that creates an exclusive atmosphere.


Made of brass with gold plated and handmade butterflies and majestic flowers ending with the touch of beautiful Swarovski crystals. The wall version of McQueen Chandelier, this master piece causes a dramatic and eccentric sensation of beauty.

final-parceria redes

Trump Hotel was the inspiration of this elegant piece, made stylishly in classic contemporary design. The design of this sconce was sculptured by the motives of the exterior windows in gold of this Iconic building. Trump promises to sparkle everything! Built in brass and sublime tears of crystal glass, is perfect for a refined living room.


Everything sparkles under Waterfall Chandelier. This master piece made with gold plated brass combined with ribbed fine tubes of crystal glass brings a natural feeling of waterfalls to any space. The glamorous sensation of water in the tubes is handcraft made by glass master craftmen.

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