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Liberty Lighting Collection: Embodying the Spirit of Creative Freedom

Liberty Slim Chandelier by LUXXU

Liberty Lighting Collection: Embodying the Spirit of Creative Freedom – In the world of interior design, there are pieces that not only light up a room but also ignite a sense of freedom, elegance, and timeless beauty. The LUXXU Blog proudly presents Liberty, a lighting collection, an homage to the iconic Statue of Liberty, embodying its flair and message of inclusivity, democracy, and liberty, which can be translated into the concept of creative freedom.

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A New Sense of Liberty - take advantage of the potentials of creative freedom as brought to you by a selection of sublime ceiling, wall, floor and table lighting designs

Liberty Lighting Collection

Embodying the Spirit of Creative Freedom

Just as the Statue of Liberty stands tall as a beacon of hope, arms wide open to welcome people from the seven continents and the seven seas, the Liberty Lighting Collection brings forth a range of options, welcoming your creativity. From ceiling to table, wall to floor, each piece echoes the classic allure and stylish details that define contemporary elegance, offering various interior design solutions to best fit your projects.

Chandeliers: The Belle of the Ball

Imagine stepping into a grand foyer or a luxurious living room illuminated by the ethereal glow of the Liberty Slim Chandelier. Crafted with gold-plated brass and crystal glass, its design exudes sophistication and grandeur, leaving an indelible mark on any space it adorns. Although much more compact, hence more practical in some situations, the Liberty Round Chandelier is also a showstopper with its elegant form, a nod to the Statue of Liberty’s enduring grace.


Liberty Slim Chandelier and Liberty Round Chandelier

Pendants: Modern Masterpieces

Liberty Small Pendant by LUXXU

For a more modern touch, the Liberty Pendant Lamp shines bright, casting a delicate light that elevates any interior with its exquisite craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from Lady Liberty herself, this pendant light is a testament to luxury and refinement. Presented in the above picture, you find Liberty Small Pendant. A sleeker version that combines exquisitely with a more relaxed atmosphere. By matching and juxtaposing different-sized lamps, you will be able to create a distinctive lighting design.


Liberty Pendant Lamp and Liberty Small Pendant

Suspensions: Sophistication Redefined

Liberty Lighting Collection: Embodying the Spirit of Creative Freedom

The Liberty Snooker Suspension and the Liberty Slim Suspension lamps infuse any room with a touch of sophistication, whether it is a dining room or a more recreative area. Its sleek design, crafted from brass and crystal glass, adds an element of elegance to any interior space. Similarly, the Liberty Suspension Lamp, with its delicate lines and round form, exudes an understated charm that complements both commercial and residential settings.


Liberty Snooker Suspension and Liberty Suspension

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Wall Lamps: Petite Elegance

Liberty Wall Lamp by LUXXU

For more intimate spaces, the Liberty I Wall Lamp, pictured above, offers a perfect lighting solution, adorning entryways and corridors with its sublime lines and intricate details. Inspired by the warm glow of the Statue of Liberty torch, it emanates a sense of richness and warmth. But, in the true impersonation of the most famous statue in the world, LUXXU actually designed a torch version of the wall luminaire: a unique and elegant addition to any project, whether residential or commercial. The Liberty Square is a very practical lighting object that works by itself or as a complement to a lighting ensemble.


Liberty Torch Lamp and Liberty Square

Table and Floor Lamps: Sublime Design

The Liberty Table Lamp, crafted from brass, crystal glass, and marble, is a true embodiment of luxury and refinement. On the same note, the intricate details and subtle elegance of the Liberty Floor Lamp make it a statement piece in any room, adding a touch of opulence to your decor.


Liberty Table Lamp and Liberty Floor Lamp

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With the Liberty Lighting Collection, LUXXU invites you to embrace a new sense of freedom and elegance in your interior design. Inspired by the timeless allure of the Statue of Liberty, these lighting pieces transcend mere illumination, becoming symbols of sophistication, beauty, and the enduring spirit of liberty. Choose from an array of options, each designed to elevate your space and illuminate your life with style and grace.

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