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Interior Design Trends: 80’s Style

Interior Design Trends: 80's Style

Interior Design Trends: 80’s Style ⇒ The 80s were home to some of the loudest and most iconic Interior Design Trends, so it’s no wonder they’re coming back. Take a look at some trends you can easily incorporate into your home that will suit this style to a tee.


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Interior Design Trends: 80's Style


Vertical Blinds

Interior Design Trends: 80's Style


Probably not the most practical of Interior Design Trends, vertical blinds were all the rage in 80s and are now coming back. Apply it on common spaces like the living or dining room to get that 80s environment!

Brass Fixtures

Interior Design Trends: 80's Style



Brass was very commonly used in the 80s and 90s, and it’s finally come back in style. This material is now perceived as more understated and luxurious, enhancing the overall design of a room and adding just a hint of luxury you needed. LUXXU’s lighting fixtures, including the Waterfall Floor Lamp, are made in gold-plated brass and crystal glass, making them the perfect accessory to match these Interior Design Trends.


Pop Art

Interior Design Trends: 80's Style


Pop art’s bold colors and prints are gaining popularity in modern design Interior Design Trends once again. Artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein’s famous prints are back to people’s walls, adorning their rooms.


Flower Prints


With the topic of sustainability so present today, Flower-themed Interior Design Trends are popular once more. You can try and go all-out with wall to wall flowery wallpaper, or tone it down with a more modern pattern that still fits this style. Either way, you’ll get that 80s atmosphere in your project!


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