Highlights Of The First Day At iSaloni 2019

Highlights Of The First Day Of iSaloni 2019 01

It is already the third day of the event, and we are so excited to show you the highlights of the first day at iSaloni 2019.

One of the biggest international fairs in the world is already on day three! We are proud to be part of this incredible exhibition once again.  With two different spaces at the event, one located in Hall 11 at Euroluce and one in Hall 4 you can expect many news and incredible products.

Today we are here to show you how was our first day at Salone Del Mobile. You can follow this in this article, but we advise you to visit, sit for yourself, the whole grand event in our Instagram!

Highlights Of The First Day Of iSaloni 2019 02

When you walk by our booth located in Hall 11 you will see this headturner chandelier! The Empire XL was never brought to a event before but the 4meter tall chandelier is enchanting everyone with its exuberance and it certainly makes for a great photo opportunity!

Highlights Of The First Day Of iSaloni 2019 03

In addition to the amazing chandelier greeting you, we also have our beautiful McQueen collection. Inspired by the late fashion designer, Alexander McQueen it’s one of the favourites and definitely one of the most complete lighting collection!

The picture above shows how beautiful our furniture and lighting go together, which proves the possibility of creating an environment fully decorated by LUXXU. Empire Center Table accompanied by the Waterfall Floor Lamp which together, with Majestic XL Wall Light Mirror, make this ambience luxurious but still homey!

Highlights Of The First Day Of iSaloni 2019 05

In our Hall 4 you can expect to find our furniture collection. Decorated to look like a luxury apartment that has a very masculine and even mysterious vibe, it has been amazing every visitor that walks in. The image above is the office area, where you can see our Waltz bookcase, Waltz desk, Charla office chair and the Ocadia armchair, a novelty!

Highlights Of The First Day Of iSaloni 2019 06

Another piece of our Waltz collection is the closet, one of our biggest novelties! It’s a different approach from what you’ve seen from LUXXU and it’s a sophisticated ans elegant solution for closets, as it is a modular and customizable piece! All the furniture designs LUXXU presents are made with the finest materials, brass being on of our favourite finishes!

Highlights Of The First Day Of iSaloni 2019 07

Designed to add a little more life and light to a luxurious environment, Scala Chandelier is a stunning lighting fixture that combines modern and classic design. It’s made of brass and Swarovski crystals which makes it the perfect balanced piece that fits into most projects. In the background of the photograph, once again appears the great Empire XL, which catches the attention of everyone passing by.

All LUXXU news will be announced, so watch out. These were the highlights of the first day at iSaloni 2019, but you can expect more. If you are at Salone Del Mobile, you can visit us at Hall 11, Stand G22 to see LUXXU Moden Lamps collection and Hall 4, Stand E12, to see LUXXU Home collection. Enjoy it!

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