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The Empire Family: brighten up your luxury interiors

Empire Snooker Luxury Interiors

Inspired in one of the most iconic buildings in the world, the Empire series, by LUXXU, is considered one of the crown jewels of the luxury brand. Just as the Empire State Building the pieces that make up this family breathe modernity and promise to dazzle any luxury interiors scenario. This set is comprised of three chandeliers, a pendant, a wall lamp, a side table and a center table that I will present in the following lines.

Empire Suspension

Empire Suspension Luxury Interiors

The Empire Suspension is one of the newest acquisitions to the family. It’s circular shape fits perfectly in a large hall or room, giving that touch of glitz and glamour to any space.


Empire Chandelier

Empire Chandelier Luxury Interiors

The crown jewel of the Empire set. Extremely elegant, lives up to the architecture work which is inspired by. A piece that combines the brass shine with the gleam of the crystals in an inspiring way!


Empire Snooker

Empire Snooker Luxury Interiors

This chandelier is a true jewelry for your decoration, creating a sophisticated and unique atmosphere. The elongated shape fits perfectly in a dining room making imposing any set that is illuminated by it.


Empire XL Chandelier

Empire XL Chandelier Luxury Interiors

The largest piece of the set and also the most impressive. The grandeur of this chandelier is ideal for those looking to soak up the attention of their visitors.


Empire Wall

Empire Wall Luxury Interiors

The wall complement to the beautiful set. A more subtle piece than the others but that leaves no one indifferent.


Empire Pendant

Empire Pendant Luxury Interiors

This is a natural decor piece that creates an exclusive atmosphere.


Empire Side Table

Empire Side Table Small Luxury Interiors

This piece adds a classic, yet modern appeal to any space. Made with the highest quality of brass and nero marquina marble, this is ideal to create a spectacular and sophisticated living room, entrance or bedroom. Exists in a small and big sizes.


Empire Center Table

Empire Center Table Luxury Interiors

This center table has an extravagant shape of refinement and style. It’s a perfect combination between the classic and modern, design for every interior setting.

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