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Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables A Side Table can bring immense utility to a design, just for its elegance that can embellish a project or else for its particularity that can serve as an exhibition surface for a piece of art or even just a simple side table. LUXXU brought together all the side tables present in the collection in this article where we belong to demonstrate its luxurious beauty and usefulness.

Enjoy all the luxury and craftsmanship in Luxxu’s side tables

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Darian Side Table II

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables
Darian Side Table II by Luxxu

Inspired by our remarkable Darian sideboard, the Darian Side Table II rises has a luxurious side table, impotent and lavish. A ravishing handcraft side table, that is made of round smoked glass placed on top of a wooden structure in black lacquer touched by gold-plated brass bars. This luxury item adapts perfectly to any ambiance or style.

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Nubian Side Table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables
Nubian Side Table

The glorious geometrical construction of the Nubian pyramids outcome a contrasting shape design. Characterized by its complexity of noble materials such as glass, wood, and brass, the Nubian Side Table is a complex embodiment of comfort. An auspicious highlight in any ambiance.

Imperium Side Table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables
Imperium Side Table

The Imperium Side Table draws its inspiration from the classical lines of dramatic castles and great city walls, reminding us of opulent crowns. A lacquered wood structure embellished with gold plated brass and Nero Marquina marble. Being a strong and powerful presence in any ambiance, this side table is a symbol of strength, that will bring greatness to every interior setting.

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Spear Side Table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables
Spear Side Table

Inspired by Ancient Rome, the Spear Side Table features a timeless design on which sleek gold plated lines support a rectangular platform made in Nero Marquina marble. The base is dramatically tapered allowing a beautiful intersected boundary. A symbiosis of toughness and elegance to be paired with a mirrored surface.


Empire Side Table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables
Empire Side Table by Luxxu

Made with the highest quality of brass and Nero Marquina marble, the Empire side table wins a new form. It’s a versatile item that gives a sophisticated ambiance to any setting, from a living room to an entrance or a bedroom.

Beyond Long Side Table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables
Beyond Long Side Table by Luxxu

Beyond Long Side Table is an exquisite show of simplicity, craftsmanship, and luxury combined into one piece. This refined work of brass, wood, smoked glass, and marble come together in an impressive display of elegance, becoming the centerpiece of any space.

Vertigo Side Table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables
Vertigo Side Table by Luxxu

With a sublime shape, this side table is the highest proof of the ultimate design. It’s composed of perfectly crafted marble, polished brass, and smoked glass which creates a unique and sophisticated environment wherever it’s placed. A fascinating and exclusive piece that exhales luxury and a cohesive style. The Vertigo Side Table is the definition of a luxurious lifestyle.

Crackle Side Table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables
Crackle Side Table

Following the same inspirational lines as the Crackler family, this piece stands itself by the complexity of the manual work on the brass and the technique used to apply the walnut root veneer. It will fit as a hotel lobby element as well as a table for the intimacy of your house.

Apotheosis Side Table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables
Apotheosis Side Table

A hymn to sophistication and design, this side table adds a vigorous presence that revolutionizes the look of any project. Its unique form reveals the talent of the craftsmen and the exclusivity of the design, resulting in a glorious construction.
A daring and elegant balance of polished brass, black lacquer, and Emperador marble.

 Newton side table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables

Mixing the old with new, Newton side table is an insightful combination of grandeur and playfulness. This piece is so versatile that can be easily converted into a stool.

Navarra Center Table

The design of Navarra modern center table captures unique Spanish warmth and finest craftsmanship. The rich colour background set off by thick and thin veins alike carries the eyes to the top of this table, framed by brass.
Taking inspiration from its homeland, the Navarra coffee table brings an elegant flair into your home decoration. It is a contemporary center table composed by two square marble modules, linked by an organic marble surface element on top enveloped by casted brass. An exclusive design piece and polished choice for luxury home interiors.

Monet XL Side Table

Monet is a tribute to the renowned French painter behind the Impressionism movement, an artwork turn into a contemporary side table with a modern design twist.
Depicting nature in an innovative way, the Water Lillies series are gently brought to life in an elegant coffee table with a multi-layered marble surface enveloped by cast brass with a unique textured finish. Featuring both contrasting shapes and materials, as the unconventional compositions of the artist, the elegant side table is supported by a geometric acrylic base, allowing to capture natural light. An immersive exceptional objet, the Monet side table is perfect for cutting-edge rooms.

Turner Coffe Table

Turner coffee table was created in honor of the iconic design of Turner lighting lamps by DelightFULL. Celebrating the existence of the sister brand DelightFULL for the past 12 years, the Essential Home design team created an original coffee table that will be unforgettable in any space.

Monochrome side table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables

A demonstration of both imagination and strong design skills, the Monochrome side table is a remarkable piece that stands out in any room or setting

Eden Side Table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables

Eden is inspired by the mystic behind the name. This side table represents a part of the tree of knowledge and the tale of the birth of desire.

Lapiaz side table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables

The Lapiaz side table is a true luxury furniture piece, that boasts elegance and discerning taste.

BRYCE Side Table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables

BRYCE Side Table pays tribute to this through its unique design, fibreglass body and finishes in high gloss black lacquer with gold leaf.

Bryce II Side Table

Bryce is a giant natural amphitheatre caused by erosion through the Paunsaugnt Plateau. BRYCE II Side Table pays tribute to this through its unique design in Forest Brown Faux-Marble Painting Glossy. This small end table stands strong by a sofa, complementing your ideal living room set.

Aroma Side Table

If coffee is your ultimate ally throughout the day, then you must have it stylishly. The Aroma side table’s top is made from luxurious rosewood or palisander, while the support structure comes in stainless steel. No other thing is as uplifting as the coffee’s aroma in the air and this table shows how the smallest details can make the biggest impression in your interiors.

LURAY Side Table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables

 LURAY Side Table is a tribute to the stalactites. Featuring a structure in aged brass and table tops in glossy palisander veneer and bronze glass, this modern side table is sure to impress.

Trimbelle End Table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables

From Luxe&Deco, Whether used in the dining room or living room, avid entertainers will be keen to get a slice of this Trimbelle End Table.

Theodore Alexander Side Table 

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables

Side Table, Bianco Carrara Marble Overlay Top, Polished Brass Finish Stainless Steel Base of tapered Columns joined by Stretchers , Molding details and Signet Feet

Torri Side Table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables

By Minotti, With constructive details linked to Japanese tradition, the Torii modular seats play with round-edged volumes, thin profiles and the apparent formal simplicity of an extremely detailed design.

 Neo Geo Drinks Table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables

From Jonathan Adler’s collection, Neo Geo Drinks Table is made from counterbalanced pyramids of jewel-toned acrylic that visually meld to look different from every angle.

 Apollo Side Table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables

From Kelly Wearstler, The Apollo Stool, with its stacked volumes of marble, is ideal for outdoor or indoor seating, as a cocktail or side table, or as a sculptural decorative piece.

Bonaldo Duffy Side Table

Elegance Reflected in the Side Tables

Contemporary and modern side table created by designer mario mazzer for bonaldo.

Aire Side Table

GreenApple Side table top in oxidised brass with matt finish. Base in matt Nero Marquina marble with a split face effect and metal structure lacquered in satin black.

Stijl side table

Architonic Standout side table of interconnected oak cuts with a contrasting slab of nickel, epoxy steel, or marble. The lower tier provides additional storage. Compact, dramatic dimensionality.

Gold Leaf SideTable

By Juliette Interiors, with Current exquisite clean sinuous lines, the ultimate in contemporary style for those that have a love of design and the understated simplicity in fine detailing.

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