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Cozy Living Room Designs For Winter

Cozy Living Room Designs For Winter 02

Cozy living room designs for you to enjoy during the cold winter months!



by Yaren Arbak

Living rooms, along with kitchens, are usually the hearts of the house. The living room is a space that serves as the entertainment hub, as a place for relaxing and the place where people most spend time with their loved ones!

If you’re looking for inspiration to cozy up, either your own living room or any other you might be working on, these ideas will help you to create a warm and inviting space that can be enjoyed all year round and not just during the Winter!

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Now let’s get into these cozy design ideas on how to turn a living room into a winter retreat.


Cozy Living Room Designs For Winter 01


Displaying collections not only adds character to a room, but also brings a feeling of warmth with it. What the collection is about hardly matters, as there are so many different ones – books, pottery, antiques, oddities, memorabilia, you name it!


Luxury Ski Lodge Vibes

Cozy Living Room Designs For Winter 02


Luxury ski lodges are all about cozy fabrics, dark woods, neutral colors, and big comfortable sofas. Think upscale ski lodge and combine some of the traditional elements with modern luxury designs and voilá!


Stone Fireplace

Cozy Living Room Designs For Winter 03


Stone fireplaces bring an instant cozy factor to any living room! Placing a cozy armchair by the fire will bring cozy reading nook vibes to space. The only thing left is to decorate the mantel! We love the idea of placing books, family photos and art for the ultimate cozy look!

Lake House Inspired

Cozy Living Room Designs For Winter 04


Lake houses just scream cozy winter living rooms, don’t they? This one combines most of the elements we mentioned before and is definitely one of the best design inspirations to cozy up for the Winter! Bonus for high-ceilings, but this design style also work for smaller rooms.

There are endless ideas when it comes to creating cozy living room designs, but these are our favorites.

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