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Copper and golden lighting designs for your home decor

Lighting design ideas: we’ve got them all. Today we bring you the best selection of copper and gold lighting designs, to inspire you. Take a look!

Turner table lamp by Delightfull: Turner table is simply a head turner. Inspired by Tina Turner’s dance moves it has an art deco shape with the possibility of rotating its arcs into the desired position so that you can create your favorite composition at any time. The arcs are made in brass with a copper finish and the top cover in aluminum lacquered in glossy white.

Copper and golden lighting designs for your home decor delightfull

McQueen Wall by Luxxu: Made of brass with gold plated and handmade butterflies and majestic flowers ending with the touch of beautiful Swarovski crystals. This is a perfect piece for your living room, creating a dramatic and envolving ambiance.


Copper Shade by Tom Dixon: Copper – commonly associated with solar cells and microwave radiation is used to create one of our bestselling lights. The Copper Shade is created by exploding a thin layer of pure metal onto the internal surface of a polycarbonate globe. The result is a highly reflective surface with a warm metallic glow. It’s perfect for a modern kitchen!

Copper and golden lighting designs for your home decor Tom Dixon

Horus by Brabbu: Like the God of the sky and the rising sun, worshiped by Egyptians, HORUS Contemporary Ceiling Light promises to be a reference in your contemporary or modern home decor, creating a magical scenario in your dining room, living room or in your entrance hall. Being an atmosphere creator, this contemporary ceiling light unifies the entire home decor like a true king. Handmade in brass, the structure is also copper plated and matte black lacquered. The shaders are made from glass, reflecting the light to every corner of the modern home decor due to its transparency, which will lighten up your mood.

Copper and golden lighting designs for your home decor brabbu

Sputnik Chandelier: This contemporary piece is perfect for a modern home that does not relieve the luxury and the glamour. Its lines are elegant and the copper finish gives to the piece a modern look.

Copper and golden lighting designs for your home decor chandelier

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