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Copenhagen Design Guide

Copenhagen Design Guide 04

Copengahen, the capital of Denmark, is making quite a scene in the design world! Take a look at this Copenhagen Design Guide to find out everything you need to know!



Denmark is known for many things, besides the great quality of life that ranks it at the happiest country in the world, it’s also a country where design is everywhere. And it has, of course, served as inspiration for many brands all over the world, including LUXXU, which has a collection inspired by the Tycho Planetarium.

Danish design is famous all over the world. Copenhagen, in particular, is home to a few icons of the furniture world and is such a stylish Scandinavian city! But what makes it so great? Is it the flourishing design scene or is it their minimalistic way of life?

Let’s find out!

Design Hotels

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With the number of tourists growing exponentially in the last years, many hotels are opening all around the city. You can expect the hotels to be wonderfully designed. Actually, Copenhagen is home to what is considered to be the finest design hotel in the world, the Radisson Collection Royal Copenhagen.

Nimb Hotel located right in the city center in the grounds of Tivoli Gardens (which is sort of a mandatory stop when visiting Copenhagen) is another great option!

Design Events

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The country that is famous for Hygge and Scandinavian minimalism had to of course host many events dedicated to design and architecture.  There are a lot of events including 3daysofdesign – an annual design event where you can discover new and inspiring concepts dedicated to both design and lifestyle and the fusion of the two. There is also the Danish Design Festival which takes place in numerous locations across the country, including its capital.

Besides the events that happen once a year you can visit museums all around the year, the Designmuseum Danmark tells you the story of Danish Design


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The Danish lifestyle is extremely design oriented. From Minimalism to Hygge the Danes sure know what they are doing! Minimalism is all about sticking with the basics, and preferers high-quality to quantity (which is portrayed in the incredible furniture produced in Denmark), as for Hygge it’s all about leading a cozy lifestyle that brings happiness, which, of course, starts at home but is found everywhere around Copenhagen, after all, it is ranked the happiest city in the world.


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Copenhagen features many incredible buildings! From the famous colorful waterfront buildings of Nyhavn to Renaissance-style Palaces to the minimalistic modern building popping up in the most modern parts of the Danish capital. Architecture is a lovely way to find out more about a country’s history and culture. Some of the most famous buildings that couldn’t be left out of this Copenhagen Design Guide include the Amalienborg and the Børsen.

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