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Celebrity Home: Peek Inside Kourtney Kardashian Living Room

Celebrity Homes: Comfort is not what Kourtney Kardashian Had in Mind for Her Living Room

Kardashian sisters are known world-wide for their unique presence in the Fashion and Beauty Industry, but so few do people know about the incredible taste these sisters have when it comes to interior design.

Celebrity Home: Peek Inside Kourtney Kardashian Living Room

When talking about home styles, Kim is the one that doesn’t mind spending big, Khloe the organization freak and Kourtney Kardashian the “interior design comes first” expert! Kourtney showed more concerns about the overall appearance of her celebrity home living room than actual comfort. And who’s to blame?

At Luxxu we believe that a living room should be the home’s star. Luxury furnishings, crystal chandeliers, you name it! 

“When I was designing my living room with my decorator Martyn Lawrence Bullard, we agreed that this is the one room in the house that doesn’t need to be super comfortable,” said the celebrity on her app.

Take a look at the incredible design Kourtney Kardashian pulled off for her celebrity home. We may have to learn a few things with her!

Celebrity Home Peek Inside Kourtney Kardashian Living Room
Kourtney Kardashian Living Room

Next to the fireplace is a Yamaha piano she’s had since she was a little girl.

“I took piano lessons on this exact piano, so it’s very sentimental to me — my mom gave it to me,” said Kardashian.