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Beyond the Main Light: The Evolution of Home Lighting in 2024

Beyond the Main Light: The Evolution of Home Lighting in 2024
– The lighting trends for 2024 indicate a significant shift in how light is perceived and used in interior spaces. Instead of relying solely on the main light source, contemporary approaches emphasize a smart combination of various light sources. LUXXU Blog is pleased to present everything from table lamps that create cozy pools of light to functional and luxurious lighting in specific areas such as living and dining rooms.

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Beyond the Main Light

Layered Lighting Trend

Liberty torch wall and Liberty Round Chandelier

Beyond the Main Light, the Liberty Torch Wall and Liberty Round Chandelier are the ideal complements to unparalleled luxury and elegance. From the Liberty Collection, these two masterpieces complete the combination that brings light and a lot of elegance to your space. A new perspective on lighting will surely elevate your project to another level.

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Liberty Torch Lamp by LUXXU
Liberty Round Chandelier
mcqueen globe suspension

It´s much more than just lighting; it’s a state of mind that fills the space with luxury and refinement. Inspired by Alexander McQueen’s iconic designs, the McQueen Globe Suspension is the epitome of art that transcends illumination. It’s a source of unique sensations that make the space contemplative and gratifying.

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McQueen Globe Suspension

mcqueen globe suspension

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A symphony in light

Lights Coming From Everywhere

Aesthetic Lamps

Explosion Suspension, Vertigo console, Pharo II Table Lamp and Tycho Small Wall Lamp

The layering of lights becomes increasingly important for the atmosphere of your space. The combination of three different light sources not only brightens the space but also offers a feeling of hospitality and comfort. The Pharo II Table Lamp sets the tone with its transparent crystals, beautifully adorning the Vertigo Console in marble. The Explosion Suspension Lamp embodies an explosion of creativity intertwined with luxury and refinement, along with the Tycho Small Wall Lamp, which presents a minimalist yet striking aura.

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Explosion Explosion
Tycho Small Wall Lamp
pharo floor lamp

Beyond the main light, there is the Pharo Floor Lamp with a simple and robust style, providing the essential refinement that any environment needs. Made with top-quality materials such as brass and crystal, the floor lamp meets the need to make the space more luxurious and welcoming.

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Pharo Floor Lamp by LUXXU

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modern lighting at your fingertips

The home light

Elegance In Every Lamp

Tycho Lamps

The Tycho collection stands out for its timeless aesthetic, capable of making any space more refined. The light sources from the Tycho Chandelier and the Tycho Floor Lamp are the best example of the aesthetic influence of light layers. Together, they add the touch of charm so necessary to any room. This is the power of lights, this is LUXXU.

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Tycho Chandelier by LUXXU Lighting
Tycho Floor Lamp

LUXXU presents “Beyond the Main Light,” layered lighting that will add a special touch to the atmosphere of any project. The desire to feel more and more at home and the sensations it conveys can be fulfilled with the lighting collections that LUXXU provides.

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