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Part 2: The Best Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Discover at Home

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Part 2: The Best Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Discover at Home ⇒ If you already had the time to look through our previous post, fear not: we have brought you more interior design Instagram accounts for you to start following right now!


Harrod’s Dining Hall: Inspiration from David Collins




This Swedish interior designer is set out to amaze you with her bold and modern interior-scapes that look straight out of an art gallery! If you enjoy geometric shapes, soothing color palettes and combinations of textures, do check out her interior design Instagram account!




With a more sophisticated and luxurious style, Jonathan Adler’s Instagram counts with over 680k followers and a lot of interesting images. True to his own style, which you can see for your self at his stores, this interior design Instagram account is full of bold statements, eccentric pieces and overall stunning designs you will never get enough of.



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Hotel nhow Marseille, France inspired by the “double-faced city, swindler on one side and Mediterranean chic on the other one”. @teresasapey

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Another familiar name in the interior design industry, Sasha Bikoff’s aesthetic can be described as a vintage French design with a modern twist, a style which is perfectly represented in her interior design Instagram account. Feel free to be impressed and amazed at her 2400+ posts!



The San Francisco-based interior designer created his namesake firm in 2002 and works on projects nation-wide. His functional yet characterized spaces are usually comfortable, inviting and lively, showcasing a timeless atmosphere without taking themselves too seriously. Hear over to his interior design Instagram account and revel in soft color palettes with pops of bold colors, interesting wallpapers and more!




This Australian female-run interior design firm focuses on creating whimsical spaces in their projects, providing more than a functional area to sleep or eat in, but also to think, create and live. With this in mind, their designs are refreshing yet elegant, as well as inviting and functional.


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