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Best Interior Design Books You Need To Download Today For Free!

Best Interior Design Books You Need To Download Today For Free! – Are you an interior designer, a decorator, or simply a fan of interior design? These free online books will transform your life and be extremely helpful with your projects and gathering inspiration. This will allow you to easily print your favorite works and include them on your vision board! Get your creative juices flowing with the help of the LUXXU Blog!

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The Best Interior Design Books That Will Boost Your Inspiration!

LUXXU Home Brochure 2024

Discover the pinnacle of opulence through a timeless array of furniture and upholstery. From contemporary tables and chic chairs to fashionable outdoor pieces and modern rugs, each item emerges as a work of art in contemporary design, ready to elevate any project.

New Era Set In Stone

An innovative concept emerges to fill any project with luxury from every angle. LUXXU left no stone unturned in creating groundbreaking designs that will captivate you from a New Era Set in Stone. With this comprehensive book, you will be able to see a plethora of unique designs that will undoubtedly fit seamlessly into your project, and you can even go deeper and see available finishes to better suit your tastes and make your design shine with your personality.

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LUXXU Lighting Brochure 2024

Emphasizing grandeur and displaying a meticulous eye for detail, LUXXU’s lighting fixtures make a striking addition to any interior design endeavor. Every design is distinctive, boasting its own unique style, guaranteeing a significant impact in a variety of spaces, from hotel lobbies to living rooms.

MYSA – Your Outdoor Experience

LUXXU is pleased to present you with a daring outdoor design for a luxury experience, with beautifully handmade pieces made with the most avant-garde materials, establishing a new innovative design for outdoor projects. For us, art is sophisticated, but for you, this is a moment of luxury pleasure while enjoying your own outdoor respite during the warmer months.

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More Awe-Inspiring Books That You Can’t Miss!

PullCast – Jewelry Hardware

PullCast was founded on the desire to reveal jewelry hardware – authentic and unique works of art. Driven by an insatiable desire to discover the most extraordinary natural wonders, which brilliantly emerge in the finest art. Their decorative and architectural hardware reflects a distinct vision of timeless beauty, expertly balancing simplicity with refinement and craft heritage. This is the ideal tool for finishing your designs with meticulous attention to detail.

Luxury Houses Vol.1

LUXXU possesses the capability to metamorphose any space, be it a grand mansion or a luxurious apartment, through its unparalleled range of furniture and lighting. Explore a heritage replete with opulence and top-tier real estate.

Luxury Houses Vol.2

Beyond a mere book, this is a dynamic companion featuring the epitome of luxury. The second volume of the Luxury Houses Book is not your typical read; it embodies the core of luxury, demonstrating LUXXU’s skill in elevating any interior design endeavor. Every page illustrates the opulent universe our creations fashion. One brand, boundless opportunities.

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Luxury Rooms

Stylish Living Rooms

From mid-century to modern-classic, feel inspired to craft the living room of your dreams. The possibilities are endless! Boost your creativity and let LUXXU assist you tailor your dreams with stylish living rooms that embody the ultimate comfort and luxury.

Stately Halls & Entryways

Open the door to luxury with the Stately Halls & Entryways Book, a compelling entry in the Luxury Rooms Collection. This powerful tool is designed to inspire, offering a diverse array of ideas from different styles for enhancing your hall and entryway. Download now and redefine luxury in your designs!

Modern Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are spaces where moments, flavors, and happiness are shared. The brand brings you this book with the perfect opulent sensibility, presenting a wide range of modern dining room designs with elegant furniture sets that are both striking and timeless masterpieces. Download the book and take a visual delight in LUXXU Modern Dining Rooms.

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Best Interior Design Books by LUXXU, will take your space to the top level of luxury. Browse through the LUXXU Blog and discover a wide range of home decor and contract solutions sponsored by the creativity of the LUXXU team. For inspiration, commercial, and home decor ideas, check out our PinterestFacebook, and Instagram.