Bedroom Design Inspiration For This Summer

Bedroom Design Inspiration For This Summer ⇒ The bedroom is an intimate space that should reflect your style and still match your home décor.


Bedroom design can be a mirror of the personality and style of the owner. On the other hand, it could complement the rest of the house décor. However, sometimes it can be complicated to combine the home aesthetic with your design style and still pull off a peaceful but fashionable bedroom.

Millwork furnishings

Bedroom design
Photo credit: Patrick Cline. Designed by Carolyn Pressly.

A minimalist approach with millwork can create a simple and modern aesthetic. Take for example this master bedroom designed by Carolyn Pressly. It relies on simple furnishings. The combination between the mustard yellow print and the high ceiling with rustic wood resulted in a cozy but aesthetic bedroom design.

Statement bed

bedroom design

The bed is the main piece of any bedroom design. It steals all the attention from other furnishings. An impressive headboard can change the tone and define the style of the area. The Château is a modern headboard, designed by Luxxu. Inspired by the walls of French castles, it’s made with leather and gold-plated brass bars.

Patterned walls

Courtesy of Old Brand New.

Patterns can be fun and an easy way to give personality to a bedroom design. You can even mix patterns and play with walls, rugs, and bedding sets. It brights the décor and adds an eclectic aesthetic.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

bedroom design
Courtesy of House Beautiful. Designed by Leanne Ford Interiors.

A monochromatic color scheme harmonizes a space, without requiring too much effort. Designed by Leanne Ford Interiors, this studio is decorated with one tone, resulting in a quiet and homey bedroom design. 

Suspended Bedside Lamps

Table lamps can be aesthetic as bedside lighting. However, suspended bedside lightning changes the tone of the style and upgrade your décor. Designed by Luxxu, the Draycott Pendant adds elegance and purity to your bedroom designIts dimension suits perfectly into a bedroom. The Draycott Tower was the main inspiration furthermore its structure reflects so. Made of brass and crystal glass. 


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Source: Elle Decor, House Beautiful.