Bathrooms Design That Will Astonish You

Bathrooms Design That Will Astonish You ⇒ Decorating a bathroom could be a pleasant task. There’re so many bathrooms design ideas to transform a usual decor into a glamourous and luxurious ambiance, even with a spa vibe.

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Bathrooms design to inspire

When it comes to bathrooms design, we can present several options such as glamourous, simple, or colorful decor. However, luxurious bathrooms have another charm, reminiscing a 5-star spa. There are many tricks to convert a typical bathroom into a luxury ambiance, like following the main trends. After all, 2020 trends defined brass finishes, marbelized wallpapers, black tubs, and framed mirrors as big hits. Get to know some fabulous bathroom inspirations

Patterned Walls

bathrooms design
Courtesy of 33BY Architecture 

What makes a bathroom luxurious? Well, a freestanding tub, marble tiles, and gold accents, of course. This project Gold and Royal was conceived by 33BY Architecture for a big family in Kyiv. The bathroom is beautifully put together with a Patagonia Quartzite wall and gold details.

Elegant Wall Lighting

bathrooms design

Apart from an outstanding bathtub, elegant and modern lighting can add an extra touch to your décor. Wall lighting is a great option. It creates a soothing environment, particularly over the bathtub. The Draycott Wall Lamp by Luxxu is a delicate and exquisite piece, made brass and crystal glass.

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More bathrooms design to astonish your world

Marble Floors

bathrooms design
Courtesy of Studia 54

A ceiling with black stucco molding and blackish marble flooring creates an incredible visual experience. This project by Studia 54 embodies luxury with an illuminated mirror, and a glass art sculpture in the same color scheme as the tub.

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An impressive chandelier

bathrooms design

A chandelier in a bathroom? Yes! Why not? It refines the ambiance of the bathroom’s design. The Pharo Chandelier by Luxxu could be used as the focus of the room alongside the bathtub, both main pieces. Made with Gold Plated Brass and Crystal Glass.

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