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Admire These Lovely Girls Bedrooms With Julia Vin

Admire These Lovely Girls Bedrooms With Julia Vin⇒ Julia Vin is an interior studio based in Ukraine who creates projects around the world for more than 14 years. The studio’s main goal is to create very special and individual fashion interior settings.

We love so much the work of this top interior designer that today we will share the most adorable and modern girls’ bedroom by Julia Vin!

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Modern Girls Bedrooms

By Julia Vin

Modern Girls Bedrooms By Julia Vin
Image courtesy of Julia Vin

Julia Vin’s interiors are the reflection of their client’s dreams and the latest trends in fashion and interior design. They create a dream, unique and special world with love in every detail.

Modern Girls Bedrooms By Julia Vin
Image courtesy of Julia Vin

For example, this girls’ bedroom project created for a little girl transpires the latest trends for kids’ bedrooms. The pastel pink color palette mixed with the curved shapes of the kids’ furniture gives the girls’ bedroom a contemporary vibe.

The simple lines of the kids’ furniture add a sleek modern vibe to the setting, allowing the child to grow with the furniture.

Modern Girls Bedrooms By Julia Vin
Image courtesy of Julia Vin

To keep the much-needed childish feeling to the girls’ bedroom, the designer chose some cotton-like suspension lamps and the Bird Stool. The Animal Stools collection owns an exclusive design that promises to awaken children’s friendship with animals. When it comes to children’s interiors, these stools introduce a modern design, always ensuring that the bedroom reflects the child’s personality and is both fun and young. This stools series allows parents to choose the animal their kids like the most, being possible to choose from bird, shark, and elephant.

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Modern Girls Bedrooms Inspiration

Unique bedroom decor for kids

A warm and energizing pink tone is supposed to imply enhanced social interaction and an increased desire to talk and chat.

Modern bedroom decoration for kids room

Even though it has a pleasant impact, an overuse of pink, especially in a bright hue, has the potential to swallow the energy of the Kids Bedrooms.

Kids bedroom decoration inspiration

Neutral and/or color schemes are thought-provoking and emotional. Having a space for the kids in the bedrooms to study is very important. A space dedicated to studying helps keep the focus and learning easily.

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Modern bedroom for your kids

Can we take a moment to appreciate this stunning pink kid’s bedroom?  There should be enough light to minimize the congested sensation that is associated with this hue. Ideal for your children’s bedrooms!

Kids bedroom decoration inspiration

Feel inspired by this stunning study area for your kids. They work well with strong accents and decorating, so don’t be afraid to employ this earthy tone. The combination of the pink desk and the purple chair for kid’s bedrooms is so sweet.

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