2019 Luxury Lifestyle Trends Changing the Industry

2019 Luxury Lifestyle Trends Changing the Industry

2019 Luxury Lifestyle Trends Changing the Industry

by Yaren Arbak

Over the last year, immiscible changes have happened in the luxury lifestyle trends that changed the ways of production as well as consumer behaviour. 2019 is and was the year of environmental changes, campaigns impacting individuals.  Plastic reduction campaigns create a tremendous impression on social media and news around the globe. Also, the tourism industry causes 8% of green gas by itself. So, the market had to give a response by changing the trends in the industries for the future and for the better. In the first quarter of 2019, the IA technologies became more apparent than ever.




What else? In this post, we will be introducing luxury lifestyle trends changing the industry in 2019.


 T R A V E L 

Environmental Friendly Hotels 

According to the scientific journal of Nature Climate Change, tourism industry cause the 8% of green gas emission in 2019. With this number revealed luxury lifestyle agents such as airline firms, famous hotel chains had to take implementations to reduce green gas emission and here they are #supportgreen luxury brands!


2019 Luxury Lifestyle Trends Changing the Industry


Hotel chains like Marriot and Four Seasons have taken serious actions over the reduction of plastic usage. But a young hotel in Belize had us thinking even bigger about travel’s big idea. Itzana is an eco-resort located in the beautiful coast of Spain. Do we wish this resort would be more apparent in the tourism industry and maybe the blueprint of future solar-powered hotel towns and sustainable travel? The resort will open its doors at the end of 2019. Better late than never, Itzana is would be a good choice to visit Spain!

Smart -very smart- Cars

2019 Luxury Lifestyle Trends Changing the Industry


Lamborghini released a brand new car earlier in the Spring of 2019, named, Huracán EVO. It represents the natural evolution of the most successful V10 in Lamborghini history. It is the result of fine-tuning and consolidation which involves the already existing features and performance of Huracán, combined with the development of new solutions in terms of efficiency and design.

What is special about this smart car?

2019 Luxury Lifestyle Trends Changing the Industry

Huracán EVO promises to merges emotions, interior / exterior design and driving dynamics by enabling a unique experience for its’ new owner by using advanced AI technologies. It offers countless combinations, allowing you to own a car that’s one of a kind, made from the best of Italian design!


Clear Skies


The easiest way to cut carbon is to cut fuel use. US commercial airlines alone burn about 50 million gallons of kerosene (the main aviation fuel) every day. Any reduction, of course, kicks right through to the bottom line in cost savings. The International Australian Airline, Qantas using biofuel made from crop seeds that reduce emission by %80 compared to traditional fuel. While Delta and United Airlines have joined to  carbon offset programs.

Also, according to the German Aerospace Center Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics, the coordinator of the institute Josef Kallo says: “I would say in around 20 years. Electric flying makes the most sense for regional traveling — that is, for distances from 250 kilo-metres (155 miles) to a maximum of 2,000 kilo-meters (1,200 miles), since the range of battery-powered planes is only 60 percent of petroleum-powered ones.”



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