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Stunning Summer Table Setting Ideas

Stunning Summer Table Setting Ideas 01

Summer makes us want to spend extra time with our friends, especially outside, so we decided to share wit you some summer table setting ideas so you can impress everyone!

To mesmerize your guests you must be a great host! And what great host doesn’t have the perfect table setting to go with the amazing dinner party they’re throwing?  Summer asks for colorful table settings, filled with fresh flowers or other plants, but there are so many different ideas out there! Feel inspired by these and find te perfect style for your summer-ready table!


Stunning Summer Table Setting Ideas 02

To have a summer-ready table you’ll need to have the perfect balance between neutral and vibrant colors. This table is the perfect example, white everything with a pop of color coming from the flowers. Adding flower baskets overhead may seem unconventional but we think it’s a great idea!

Stunning Summer Table Setting Ideas 03

If your dinner goes into late hours you’ll need a source of light! Choose lanterns and place them in the middle of flowers. It’s a great way to turn any plain table into a refined setting.

Stunning Summer Table Setting Ideas 04

If you’re looking for a bohemian table, try placing a macrame table runner, some colorful  flowers, and succulents or cactus! For the color scheme opt for green, blues and terracotta!

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Stunning Summer Table Setting Ideas 05

For the tropical trend fans here’s a minimalist table suggestion. Large leaves and tiny pineapples are great to decorate a table without much effort.

Stunning Summer Table Setting Ideas 06

Al Fresco dining doesn’t mean you can’t go all out with the table décor! You favorite flowers in light colors, like pink and white, paired with nautical themed tableware adds an elegant, yet casual, vibe to any table!

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