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7 Outdoor Luxury Design Ideas

7 Outdoor Luxury Design Ideas

Spring is right around the corner and we all want to make the most out of the long nights in the months ahead. We selected 7 outdoor luxury design ideas to get you inspired.

From backyard design to luxury pool areas, we have a bit of everything to inspire you to enjoy more of the warmer days in your own home.



1- Fire Pit

7 Outdoor Luxury Design Ideas 01

Ideal for the colder nights during Spring and Summer, fire pits are guaranteed to gather all family and friends around. The plus side? You can make the most of Summer until the very last second.


2- Luxury Balcony

7 Outdoor Luxury Design Ideas 02

In case you don’t have a full backyard you can still enjoy the warmer days in your balcony. It’s almost like you have your very own fancy rooftop bar with this luxury design.


3- Outdoor Dining Area

7 Outdoor Luxury Design Ideas 03

Of course all those summer nights wouldn’t be complete without an outdoor dining area. This one is complimented with a chandelier. Outdoor lighting fixtures are a great way to add a luxurious vibe to any setting.


4- Pool Cabana

7 Outdoor Luxury Design Ideas 04

Speaking of lighting, a pool cabana complimented with luxury lighting and a sitting area is a great adition to any pool. Just imagine diving into this sumptuos pool at night and warming up by the fireplace in this romantic lighting setup.


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5- String lights

7 Outdoor Luxury Design Ideas 05

When it comes to outdoor lighting ideas there a lot of things you can do. String lights add a summery look to any backyard without the commitment of a light fixture. If they are not your thing you can alway opt for wall lights.


6- Relaxing Backyard

7 Outdoor Luxury Design Ideas 06

If you’re into simpler designs, get design inspiration with this relaxed pool area. Just combine a sofa with some lanterns, place them by the fireplace and you have your most relaxing spot for the summer.


7- Outdoor Sitting Area

7 Outdoor Luxury Design Ideas 07

Of course any house would be incomplete without an outdoor siting area. Decorated with luxury furniture and chandeliers that bring the room together this living room is simply elegant and inviting. The advantage is that you can use it all year round.



We hope we gave you design inspiration for the months to come. All you have to do is make the most of your luxury outdoor area.

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