5 Magical Winter Travel Destinations

5 Magical Winter Travel Destinations 01

For the fans of winter travel, here are 5 winter travel destinations ideas you will love for this upcoming season!

Winter is a great time of the year to travel, especially if you are a big fan of city escapes. Cities get a magical touch around this time of the year, medieval cites covered in fog, festive Christmas markets, frozen lakes and cozy hotels waiting for you at the end of the day are only some of the perks of winter travel!

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5 Magical Winter Travel Destinations 02

From ice skating on frozen lakes to warming up in the city’s world-famous outdoor pools at Széchenyi Baths. Winter is the right time to visit this enchanting city! The cold weather serves as a perfect excuse to try all the Hungarian pastries in the coziest cafés around the city! Don’t miss on The Nutcracker at the Hungarian State Opera.


5 Magical Winter Travel Destinations 03

London is an all-time favorite for Winter travel! During this time of the year, the entire city lights up, ice rinks pop everywhere and special productions open at the best venues in the city. You can also expect great street food everywhere, from the most traditional ones, like roasted chestnuts to unexpected combinations. Don’t miss the giant tree that is set up in Trafalgar Square if you go before Christmas is over.

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New York

5 Magical Winter Travel Destinations 04

Talking about Winter destinations we could not leave New York City out! From the scenic views, you’ll get this time of the year to all the wonderful Winter activities the city provides, you’ll never be bored. Central Park, in particular, looks beautiful at this time of the year, with its frozen lakes, naked trees and snow covered grounds.


5 Magical Winter Travel Destinations 05

Nuremberg is one of the best destinations for winter! From classic treats like true gingerbread, the world-famous winter market to several museums and a rich history you will never run out of things to do while indulging yourself in the perfect winter escape.


5 Magical Winter Travel Destinations 06

Founded in the 6th century, Prague is a medieval town full of pastel-colored buildings. Prague is usually full of tourists during the warmer months but in the Winter you can expect almost empty streets. During this time of the year, you can expect the Old Town Square to light up with twinkle lights and chalet-like cottages selling themed trinkets and warm beverages. Don’t miss some of the oldest pubs in Europe!

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