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Luxury Panic Rooms Are Trendy Right Now

Luxury Panic Rooms are Trendy Right Now

Luxury panic rooms are becoming a big architecture trend among the wealthy and celebrities.

Many of this public figures, athletes and magnates are installing safe rooms in their homes. It is said to be a necessity and not a luxury.

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These panic rooms to be successful must be concealed. Some of the most popular places are extra rooms, closets that are elminated from the floor plans, behind fake bookshelves or doors in the office. They are protected with high technology such as thumbprint recognition, infrared surveillance and complex passcode combinations. Some of these even include generators, bedrooms, escape tunnels, air-filtration systems and are lined with Kevlar. Most are even fire and flood proof.

In the luxury homes market, a safe room is a desirable addition, especially if it works both as a regular and a panic room.

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This safe room doubles as a game room.


This beautiful room works both as an office and a panic room. The beatiful black and gold furniture add a touch of luxury to this room.

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This cozy safe room with bunk beds also works as a hang out room fo kids and teenagers. It’s a great idea to incorporate a room that can be used all year round.

Chris Coban, owner of Covert Interiors says that their safe rooms are mostly “useful space than a secluded room” and that it is well integrated in the home.

Safe rooms are especially popular in The Hamptons, where doormens don’t exist as they do in New York City. A lot of them also have it to say ‘I have a panic room’. They have pools, bars, a home theather and safe rooms.

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It’s also a great idea to use the safe room as a wine cellar.


Of course this safe rooms are extremely costly and concealing a room is not an easy task. It can cost over hundreds of thousands.

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